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Your Wing’s Sticking Points and How They Affect You

I don’t usually go out with a wing.

Don’t get me wrong, a wing can ignite your RSD issued, Jeffy approved, GLORY TIMES nimbus, handle obstacles and AMOGs for you, bite the bullet and sleep with the ugly friend, and just all around make your night better.


In day game I might go out with a guy to shoot the shit with while walking around the mall and whatnot but we never enter each other’s sets.

And since I’m under 21 I don’t do a ton of night game and when I do it’s usually with Saffron. Let’s just say our style’s don’t mesh, he runs around, opens 20 sets, gets 15 phone numbers, and finally picks one to go home with. I take a pass through the venue, look for good logistics, make an educated guess as to which girls have been to rehab, (Something like 4 out of the last 5 girls I’ve slept with have been to rehab for something or another. I used to say I liked “artsy” girls, I think my type is better described as “drug addicted, suicidal, tattooed, chain smoking, American Apparel wearing, high school drop out, who when not cutting herself or watching Thirteen because it’s “about her life,” likes to paint Neo-impressionistic pictures of our names in watercolors or take artsy photos of abandoned alleys, the used needles that line it’s streets, and the graffiti that adorns it’s brick walls.) open about 3 sets, get 2 numbers, and go for the pull.

I think the last time I winged him in set was in a two set of Asian girls about six months ago at a party. He was really into his girl and she was super into him. Her friend hated me, I hated her, and we both knew that we were winging our friend to great personal sacrifice. I don’t remember it ending well…

But back to the subject at hand

Levo brought up a really good point during the talks–

Any sticking points your wing has are automatically brought into your set as soon as he enters it.

His advice was to go out alone until you were getting laid on your own, and then find a wing who’s either at about the same level or better than you.

I experienced this later that same night…

I was originally going to write a whole FR about this night, but I’ve since decided against it.

The long and short of it is that I got two girls to get out of bed at 2AM to come get food, aka have meaningless sex with me and a wing.

Things are going well with my girl but he’s not doing anything with his…

I’m having trouble isolating because he’s not occupying the friend.

We get back to his place, his girl realizes that she got out of bed and isn’t getting dick, understandably gets pissed, and they go home… I have to wait an extra 5 days to try out the cock piercing.

Basically my wing had sexual anxiety and wouldn’t make a move. Logical excuses such as “I’m not into her” came out of his mouth but all boiled down to him being nervous about pulling the trigger… It happens.

Now obviously friends are more important than girls, especially ones you met at the club 2 hours before. Bros before hos is a great saying for a reason.

It’s getting really late and I’m gonna end this…

The point of this drawn out and ill-defined post is pick wings who you work well with and who you know have their shit down because as soon they enter your set all of their sticking points are now your sticking points.

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