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Vegas Eats My Soul

I’m going to keep this short, since Doc Holliday will be doing a longer write-up our Vegas trip with Sinn.

The trip was pretty awesome, and I actually didn’t have a typical “Vegas experience” the first few days because we were so busy teaching bootcamp.

But it caught up with us. I’ve slept five hours total the last two nights. The first night, we went to a strip-club and Sinn and I ran stripper game. I had actually never been to a strip club before — I was always either in a relationship, broke, or couldn’t really wrap my head around the idea of paying a ton of money to look at boobs. But Sinn gave me the crash course and away I went. Within minutes of walking in, I was talking to three strippers.

Obviously Vegas strip clubs have extra “perks” if you want them. It was a hell of an experience. Some strippers had some serious game, and cracking them is like a riddle. They tend to have very strong frames and know better than to qualify themselves to you or let you run too much comfort.

The funniest part came when a girl was inviting me to the back to have “extra fun” with her. I turn this girl down as softly as I can to try and keep her talking to me. She asks me why I won’t do it and I tell her, “Well, I can either pay you $100, or I can just go to a regular night club and spend a few hours talking to girls and get laid for free.”

She then got visibly pissed off. She said I shouldn’t go fuck random sluts. This made me LMAO in her face, considering she had just finished propositioning me 10 seconds prior. I point out that considering she’s a whore, who is she to hate on girls for being “sluts”?

She replied that, “They have no self-respect, because they give their bodies away for free.” Hooker logic… WTF?

It’s like a deranged form of feminism.

The next night was much less exciting. Sinn and I got hammered, blew a bunch of money in blackjack while openly wishing terminal illnesses unto our dealer and his family. We then stumbled to a diner and talked about how awesome Michael Jordan was until the sun came up. Don’t even think we talked to a girl the entire night.

I slept two hours and came to the airport still drunk. I threw up a little in my mouth going through security.

I’m fine now.

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Jan 7, 2009 9:47

“Stripper Logic” WTF?!? Nice post Entropy!

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