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Twitter, Facebook, RSS Feeds, Oh My!

Hey guys, I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback on the new site, although there are some minor tweaks that I’ve had to make here and there. There are a few new ways to follow this blog and follow what I’m up to.

If you want to know what I’m thinking day-to-day, know what I’m working on and listen to me complain about going to the gym, you can follow me on Twitter here:

If you’re a voyeur and want to look at my greasy mug and the people I’m hanging out with, you can friend me on Facebook here:

I got a couple complaints that my feed was impossible to find, so I added a large link up at the top. So if you want to subscribe to my RSS Feed, click here:

Finally, if you haven’t noticed, each of the individual articles have buttons for you to Digg! them and button at the bottom titled, “Save/Share” with a ton of social bookmarking sites within it (Furl, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious, etc.).

The ABSOLUTE BEST thing you could do for me if you enjoy the content you read here is to share the articles here with that button there. It takes literally like 10 seconds and it helps me out a lot.

Glad everyone’s enjoying the new layout. I’ll be back tomorrow with my first Video Blog.

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