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The Switch to Natural Game?

I was talking to Entropy the other day about one of my recent lays. I was telling him how I couldn’t really write a LR about it because it was so quick, easy, and nothing really happened.

Basically it was something like this–
1. I went out for solo night game. (Mad respect for guys who go out and do solo night game on a regular basis)
2. I opened a set and ejected when I saw that logistics weren’t good.
3. I went outside to smoke a cigarette
4. A girl made eye contact with me outside.
5. I opened her by saying “Hey, what’s going on?”
6. I talked to her for 25 minutes.
7. I offered to walk her to the subway
8. She mentioned she wasn’t doing anything the next morning
9. We got in a cab
10. We fucked at my house
11. She passed out and I ranted to Saffron about how I wanted to kick her out

No routines, no frames, no gimmicks, no anything.

Just the internal calibration to know when I could pull and hearing the magic words, “I’m not doing anything in the morning.”

Now do all my lays go like this? No.

But it does happen and makes me think more and more that the community over complicates things that it doesn’t have to. On the other side though is the complete natural game guys who just say “Be yourself! Be cool! Be fun!” The only problem with that is that you’re spending $1500 because “Being yourself” hasn’t worked out so well.

If you do this long enough you hit a point where you stop thinking about what you’re doing and can just flow.

This is becoming a rant.

Basically game isn’t as complicated as people make it out to be, stop reading theory… unless it’s on my blog, and go open some sets.

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