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The Bootcamp

We put on our first Practical Pickup bootcamp this weekend. Practical Pickup is a start-up that myself, Saffron, and Doc Holliday are running and seeing where it takes us. We had six students, all fairly new to the community, and it exceeded our expectations. We’ve all been sarging consistently for a few years now and have all become very successful, but I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as our ability to teach original material to guys and coach multiple guys in the field. I was pleasantly surprised at how well things went. The students were enthusiastic and did very well in-field. I think a couple of them had “breakthrough” moments, which is always great to see and I’m happy I could be a part of it. We should have a couple reviews coming up in the next few days. Meanwhile, we’re already planning our next bootcamp for next month and Saffron and I have a couple 1 on 1’s lined up in the meantime. So things are going pretty well.

We made a couple logistical mistakes that I think come from inexperience in organizing these things, but we already have plans to remedy them. We’re excited for the next bootcamp and will be announcing the details by the end of the week.

In the meantime, I’ve started sarging consistently again (for me, that’s 4-5 nights a week). As some of you know, I’ve been occupied with an MLTR the past couple months, but the dynamic of that relationship has changed recently, meaning spending less time with her, having less sex with her, and of course, sarging much more again. :)

Also, I’ve put up most of my LR’s (the good ones, at least) for readers. I may regret it one day if my success continues and some girl finds them, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it I suppose. I’ve also added blog links to Patch and Mayson. Patch is a great guy in the Boston Lair who organizes a lot of the Lair events. Mayson is an up-and-coming guy who helped us out at the bootcamp, and I have to say, I’ve met few guys who have come as far as quickly as he has. Give both these guys some love.

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