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Sex on Her Period: A PUA’s Guide

Someone had posted a question about having sex with women who are on their period on Boston Lair and I responded with what’s below. I don’t usually cross post but I made an exception.

Some women are very self conscious about their period and others really couldn’t give a shit.

The easiest way to have sex with a woman on her period is to not make a big deal about it. At some point in the night she’s going to let you know she’s on the rag. Your initial reaction is important here, most guys blow it right away by saying something along the lines of “eww, gross, etc.” That’s the wrong answer, odds are she’s already a little self conscious about her vag at the moment and you freaking out and saying “eww” certainly doesn’t give her an ego boost.

My reaction when a woman tells me “I’m on my period” is usually “It happens.” I’m not making a big deal about it and then I can go into a story about sex with girls on their period.

“I really don’t understand why people make such a big deal about it. Like seriously, it’s a natural thing, I lived with a girl I was dating for a while and what are we gonna do, not have sex for 1 week every month? That’s 12 weeks a year! Plus, I mean, it’s sort of a turn on.”

A couple of things going on in that story–
1. The meta-frame of the whole story is that having sex on your period is normal.
2. Periods are a natural human thing.
3. You’ve had sex with women on their period before and it obviously doesn’t bother you.
4. The not having sex for one week every month actually comes from a girl I was dating. And if you really think about it 12 weeks is 3 months which is 1/4 of a year… That’s a lot of sex you’re not having.
5. It’s a turn on. There’s just something about telling a woman her bleeding kitten turns you on…

The final thing you have to worry about is tampons. I’ve found they can be a really bad state break. You can’t fuck her while she has one in and her naked on your bed isn’t the best time or place for her to take it out. To get around this I wait till things are getting hot and heavy, back off to change the music, and tell her to go freshen up in the bathroom, they always take the hint. If you do this once it’s established you two are having sex that night it doesn’t interrupt the flow of anything but it takes some calibration to know once you’ve hit that “sex is gonna happen” point.

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