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Relationship Management In Action

I was fucking my girlfriend last night, and I was in a weird mood — not really feeling kinky or dirty at all. This is what transpired:

Her: “Oh, talk dirty to me.”
Me: “…”
Her: “Come on, put me in my place!”
Me: “Get back in the kitchen, bitch.”
Her: “WHAT?!?”
Me: *laughing hysterically*
Her: “Nooooo…. Stop laughing. Talk dirty to me. Come on. What would you do if there was another girl in bed with us right now? Tell me.”
Me: “I’d tell that bitch to get in the kitchen too.”
Her: “NOOO!!!”

I collapsed on her laughing uncontrollably until I lost my hard-on.

This is why they pay me the big bucks…

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Aug 18, 2008 20:56

Fun. But this really brings up something I’ve been wondering about. You’re having these experiences, some guys like you w/ or w/o “game” or whatever are having these experiences. And yet, if one turns on the TV or the radio (*especially* talk radio) the predominant message w/ regard to this issue is “Women don’t like sex” or “women are only in the mood a few times every month” or something to that extent. Yet this is clearly not the case. Where is the disconnect? Why is there a disconnect? Is there a disconnect? Sex is obviously a popular topic and people can only speak from their own experience and there will be differing opinions, but c’mon! I’m just wondering aloud here, anyone have any ideas?

Aug 19, 2008 0:52

Dude, I practically have to beat my girlfriend off with a stick she wants sex so often. The experience with the majority of my fuck buddies over the years has been similar.

I may write something up about this soon… Great question.

Aug 19, 2008 9:44


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