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Quote for the Day

“At the moment, it is certain that we do not have anything remotely approaching a scientific understanding of human society. And the methods of experimental social science are not close to providing one within the foreseeable future. Science may someday allow us to predict human behavior comprehensively and reliably. Until then, we need to keep stumbling forward with trial-and-error learning as best we can.”

- Jim Manzi

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Aug 3, 2010 6:16

sociopolitical implications here, of course. we’ve been remaking society according to the “findings” of the academic/media priesthood for decades, and they frequently place their faith in such “social science.”

so, one chain of connection:

1. the elite class “finds” that the traditional family unit is an oppressive, limiting, abusive, misogynistic arrangement. it throws the institutional weight of the state into dissolving it and forming and celebrating “alternatives.”

2. it works. leads to more fatherless families. overall anxiety, pathology, and confusion increases. the inherited habit and knowledge of manhood and citizenship declines. people spin off into depression, crime, and decivilizing behavior at higher rates. also, guys are more likely to have tricky “issues” with girls, ranging from just not knowing how to talk to them to deeper degrees of frustration.

3. largely independent of any overt political outlook or reactionary take on historical change, suffering guys begin to sense that something is missing, that things don’t have to be this way, that there are alternatives to now-established attitudes and patterns. a little more radically, they start to connect with each other, organize, share information, and argue openly that their experiential approach is more valid than the medieval, disconnected habit of theorizing that is common to the university.

interesting to observe.

Aug 3, 2010 7:11

A dark day when we figure that one out…

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