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Q&A: Feminization of Pop Culture

I’ve been really busy coaching the last couple weeks and building our new website. But I wanted to answer a quick question that I got in the comments on this blog recently.

It was the post where I talked about basically how much of a freak my girlfriend is in the sack and a regular reader asked that if women are like this, why don’t we ever hear about it?

I suppose the first question is, DO women like sex this much? The answer is a resounding YES! Once a girl decides she likes fucking you, you practically have to beat her off with a stick to leave you alone. Every significant FB, MLTR or girlfriend I’ve had has wanted sex way more than I did when I was seeing her.

So the question is, why aren’t guys aware of this. Here or some short answers:
- If a girl professes to be too sexual in public she will often be labeled a slut by other girls, which as we know, is like a Scarlet Letter written on her.
- Many women have deep sexual insecurities and don’t allow themselves to fully enjoy the experience or feel uncomfortable talking about it too much. Unlike men, sex is not a source of egocentric pride.
- A lot of guys just suck in bed. Women are much harder to please sexually than men and as a result many of them are left unsatisfied.

All three of these things are magnified by something I call “The feminization of pop culture.” I didn’t invent this idea. It’s fairly new and has been catching traction just in the last few years.

The theory basically goes like this: the last few generations of men have grown up with fewer fathers, stronger mothers and more broken homes. As a result men have become somewhat emasculated and submissive.

Just watch primetime TV one night and you’ll notice a pattern: tons of sitcoms, commercials, and movies feature a formula. There’s the man, who’s usually overweight, kinda dumb, bumbling and he usually fucks something up. Then his wife is a smart, sweet, beautiful woman who not only fixes what he fucked up but forgives him in the end because she loves him. Aww… cue “Bambi” music.

This aspect of pop culture which gets repeated indefinitely is both a symptom and cause of the problem. For instance, these shows and commercials are portrayed in this way because it’s where the American psyche is emotionally. People wouldn’t watch and respond to them if they didn’t LIKE and resonate with them. It also reinforces these masculine and feminine roles in the next generation (growing up more and more on television and movies).

So of course you’re not hearing about how girls want to tear that guy’s clothes off and fuck him until his face turns blue — even though girls have thoughts like this ALL THE TIME. Why? See the first three reasons above.

This is a very short and unscrupulous explanation. But it’s a fascinating thing to read about. Here’s further reading on the subject:

- “No More Mr. Nice Guy,” by Robert Glover. Excellent read. One of the best inner game books I’ve read. I recommend it to many of my students who have issues being supplicative and approval-seeking.
- David Deida’s work.
- Tucker Max (of all people) actually wrote a great article on this phenomenon. And it’s fantastic! Check it out: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/tucker-max/pass-the-beer-in-defense_b_22530.html (Hat tip: Ware_ru)
- This Guardian article is only one of many in a string of articles on the emasculation of the modern man: http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2008/aug/03/gender.healthandwellbeing (hat tip: Mr. Awesome)
- Warren Farrell has written many books on the negative repercussions of the feminist movement on men. He’s a bit extreme for my tastes, but check him out if you’re really interested.

I have to get ready to go out and coach. I’ll be back tomorrow with another conversation demolition.

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Aug 23, 2008 18:48

Thanks for some response to this question. Appreciate it. I listened to an interview of Juggler by David Shade. He said that it’s humbling for men to believe that women like sex because then it’s not about him being so wonderful, more about her being horny. I’m paraphrasing, but that was his main argument.

Aug 24, 2008 8:24

Are you talking about Tucker Max’s “In Defense of Fratire” article where he describes the banes of the last two waves of feminism? It’s here:


Aug 24, 2008 23:35

Yes, that’s it. Thank you!

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