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Public Service Announcement


Slowly over the next month or two, a lot of the content and free advice on this blog will be gutted and either adapted into some future programs/products I’m working on, or re-worked in some way. Some of the lesser important and “filler” posts will also be moved to various sites for marketing purposes.

My guess is, at least 50-60% of the content will remain untouched. The bulk of the posts about my life, experiences, day-to-day thoughts and a lot of the deeper theory and musings on emotions and whatnot will still be here. At this point, the blog contains in the ballpark of 400-600 pages worth of free material written over the last 3 years. The idea is to chop away the fat, throw out what’s out-dated, use the most applicable advice in my business, and then keep the blog itself as a place for me to continually post new ideas, theories or experiences to get feedback from all of you guys. As always, thanks to everyone who keeps reading.

Also, I just changed the pricing structure over and The first month is now $4.95, so you have more than enough time to check out all of the videos. Access is instant as well.

More content coming this week and hopefully something interesting will come of this Brazilian model I’ve been playing cat and mouse with all weekend — hooked up with her but still haven’t sealed the deal. Hopefully will have something to report.

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Mar 22, 2010 13:20

So can we get a heads up on what you’re working on? Also, would love more day game content over at pickuptube.

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