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Personal Space in Day Game

So after yesterday post I hope none of you are touching on the opener during day game. If you don’t believe me just go out to a store and touch a woman’s arm before you’ve started talking to her. Odds are she’ll jump, yell, run away, etc.

But how far away should you be standing when you open? I’m only talking about stationary girls here, moving sets are a completely different beast.

The best range I’ve found is around 5 feet or 1.5 meters for the rest of the world.

The only other exception to this is if she has headphones on. You’re going to have to get a bit closer to her so she notices your presence, looks at you, and you can motion for her to take them off.

Women are much more conscious of their personal space during the day and you imposing on it can make them either feel nervous or see you as rude.

So I start from about 5 feet away, project my voice a bit when I say “Hey” so she looks at me, deliver the rest of my opener, introduce myself, and put out my hand to shake hers.

Now that you have your hand out to shake hers you can take a step forward and she usually will as well and you have now closed the 5 foot gap in between you two. The handshake acts as an excuse to get you two closer together.

You can easily tell if she’s not comfortable being that close to you after that handshake. If she’s not comfortable she’s going to take a step back. Let her take the step away, and lock in. As the interaction progresses you’ll notice how she’ll come closer and close the gap once she becomes comfortable talking to you.

The whole key to day game is respecting social boundaries. If you can do that and carry on a normal conversation you can do day game.

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