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Perfect: Lair Talk and First Student Pull Ever!

Wow… I could not have imagined this day going any better.

I woke up really tired and a bit hungover to give a lair talk. Saffron and I presented the new material I’ve been working on for months. I was a bit anxious due to the fact that the material is all original and my own, but I was still confident it’d go over well.

The turn-out was the highest ever for a lair meeting here and the reception was even greater. I had guys telling me afterward that it was one of the most insightful presentations they had ever seen and that their entire thinking became re-oriented — the kind of response you can only dream about when you’re slaving away writing this shit.

Afterwards, I had great conversations with some usual suspects after the lair meetings. I really have to say, I hear that some lairs suck in other cities, but the quality of people — not just PUA’s, but PEOPLE up here in the Boston lair is great. From the senior guys on down to the newbies, former students, old guys and young guys — there’s just a ton of awesome dudes and I really enjoy chilling with them.

So I rush home and take a nap because I had a one on one that night. This guy flew all the way up from Texas and is an interesting case in that he reminds me of myself a couple years ago. I kind of felt like I knew what he’d have to work on before we even stepped foot in a venue. So we go out, and at first I was feeling a bit out of it from such a long week. I really could have been pushing him harder in the beginning. But things were going well. He had little AA and was hooking most of everything.

I quickly noticed what I suspected: my student had a strong foundation and is pretty good-looking, he just doesn’t realize how far he can go and how fast he can get there. So I start trying to push him to be more aggressive and escalate faster and faster. Just about every set he opened, the girls were immediately attracted, so I kept pushing it: more dominance, more physical, more aggression, more dominance, more physical, more aggression.

He was getting a bit frustrated, because in his mind, he was being dominant and aggressive but I kept saying, “Dude, you can get away with so much more… these girls fucking want you.” So he asks me to show him with one set what I’m talking about. We re-open this two-set from earlier. It had been two French-Canadian girls who were into us, but the set had stalled out. I swoop in, grab the girls and basically caveman the shit out of my girl dragging her ass to the dance floor all in about 30 seconds. As if that’s all it took, next thing I know, within 3 minutes my student’s over making out with his girl. I move my girl to the bar and make out with her there.

Even though things were going well with my girl, it quickly becomes apparent that my student’s girl SERIOUSLY wants some cock. I go into full logistics mode. Both these girls were visiting from out of town and going back the next day. My student was in from out of town. I’ll spare everybody the details, but the logistics were FUCKED! It was a rough situation, and honestly, I kind of mishandled some shit. But luckily his girl’s buying temperature was through the roof that she really only wanted one thing. I tell him to just follow my lead and don’t fuck it up.

Long story short, we end up in a cramped hotel room and it’s apparent that only one of us is getting laid tonight. So I drag my girl out the door and occupy her by wandering around Chinatown with her at 2AM. Yeah, that’s kind of fucked up. But you got to love how no matter how much girls question you, if you just keep leading they’ll just keep following.

Later, she and I were laying around on the couches together in the hotel lobby, I said in passing “It was apparent that not all four of us could use the hotel room.” She smiles, looks up at me and says, “You’re a really good friend,” (referring to the fact that I let him use the room with his girl). More than ANYTHING, I wanted to tell her, “Baby, I get paid NOT to get laid!” Hahaha! Welcome to the life of a pick-up coach.

Anyway, I drop my girl off and say goodbye and pick up my student. It’s official! Practical Pickup had it’s first successful student pull.

It was funny, because I seemed to be more excited about it than he was. Like I said, he’s got a solid foundation, so he’s had a handful of lays. This wasn’t like some huge deal to him. But as a coach, these are the fucking nights we work for. It’s just as gratifying as if I had pulled myself, if not moreso.

Wrecked and tired, we came back to my place. He’s heading out for day game with Doc tomorrow. The sun’s coming up and I almost don’t even want to go to sleep.

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