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Note on the Practical Pickup Sale

I’ve been getting a lot of emails from guys about the 50% off sale who’ve already bought the book awhile back (know as The Dating Solution at the time) asking if they can have access to the new bonuses for free.

Unfortunately, the new bonuses are for this sale and this sale only. They’ll probably even be removed on Monday when the full version of the book goes live.

As for questions regarding how updated this version is over the previoew one. It’s about 95% the same. There aren’t really any new sections or chapters. I went through and basically edited it and added a paragraph here or there. All in all, it’s maybe one page of new content and then a dozen or two of touch-ups or re-wording key sentences, etc. So you’re really not missing a whole lot.

BUT, if you DO want the updated version, just because you’re that kind of guy, just forward me your receipt from when you bought the first ebook, and I’ll personally email you a copy of the new one.

And again, if you missed it yesterday, I am having a 50% off sale on my ebook Practical Pickup: The Fundamentals until midnight on Sunday night. Get in while it’s still hot!

I’ll be back with new content tomorrow.

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