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No Day Job?

First off, I’d like to apologize for going through like four background layouts in the last two weeks. My blog has been having a bit of an identity crisis. Doc kept giving me shit for having such an ugly template so I changed it on a whim. Afterwards, my blog hits per day dropped about 40%, so I started getting superstitious about it.

But what I’m here to post about is some great fortune that occured. As few of you probably know, I decided to quit my day job in finance this month to focus on Practical Pickup and other ventures full-time. I fucking hated my job, but it paid decently and it was a steady paycheck.

So I went into my manager’s office and gave him my two weeks. He was just like, “Oh, OK, whatever,” and I left. Thirty minutes later he asks to talk to me. He has me sit down in his office and is like, “If you don’t mind me asking, you’ve only been here a few months, what’s making you leave?” I told him I had an internet start up with some friends and it was starting to pick up, so I decided to just go all out for it.

He nodded. And then he said, “That sounds great. I hope it works out for you. I don’t want us to hold you back, so how about this? I’ll offer you two weeks paid vacation for your last two weeks. If you’re done today, you can leave right now.” WTF?!?

The place I worked was the most drab, toxic and negative office environment. It was full of a bunch of ass-kissers, back-stabbers and ladder-climbers, and this was the first genuinely amazing thing that happened the entire 2-3 months I was there.

So it’s 9:30AM. I’m sitting at home, freshly self-employed… and I’m still getting a paycheck for the next two weeks! Fucking killer.

Also, that means I’m going to be posting a lot more. I have a big ass five part series of posts in my head that I want to start posting. The first one will probably be tonight. Expect posting to return to a much higher frequency in general.

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Doc Holliday
Jun 3, 2008 13:42

Your blog is still fucking ugly.

Jun 3, 2008 14:21


Jun 4, 2008 14:24

“It was full of a bunch of ass-kissers, back-stabbers and ladder-climbers”

Seriousely like 3 types of people I cant fucking stand! I know what thats like man. As for the layout, I think its bland, but clean and readable.

Will Turner
Jun 4, 2008 15:19

congratulations, and good luck :D

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