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Meet Me at the 2010 Dating Conference in NYC


Free 30 minute IN PERSON consultations to FIVE lucky guys. See below for details.

Here’s a heads up that I’ll be speaking at the 2010 Dating Conference in NYC from June 4-6th. This is looking to be the biggest conference of the year with a great line up of speakers. Guys who’ve read me for a while know that I usually turn down conference speaking opportunities, but after meeting the organizers this last Winter and talking to them, I have to say I’m pretty excited about this one.

My talk will be called, “Pick Up as an Emotional Process.” If you’ve read the blog religiously, then you’ll have a vague idea what direction I’m going with it. But basically the idea is that everything we do in pick up is designed to elicit the proper emotional responses from the woman and ourselves. All tactics, and techniques are designed for this purpose. Whatever you do and say is only as useful as the emotion it elicits. From this starting point, I hope to draft out a new way of practicing seduction.

Other speakers include BradP, Adam Lyons, Vin DiCarlo, Julian Foxx, DJFuji, Nick Sparks, Rob Judge and others. BradP will be revealing his infield footage for the first time ever. And Adam and Vin will be presenting brand new material as well.

On top of that, attendees get access to a private party Thursday night (open bar), free products from EVERY speaker, and massive discounts on coaching (up to 60% off in some cases). The icing on the cake is that you’re in the best US city for picking up women for a weekend.

Also, the organizers were kind enough to give my readers a discount on the ticket price. When you buy your ticket, put entropy2010 in for the “Discount Code.”

And finally, if you’re one of the first five guys to register using that code, we’ll set up a FREE 30 minute consultation, IN PERSON together at the event. We’ll sit down face-to-face, and discuss whatever sticking point you have, as well as me giving you any advice or impressions I have you upon meeting you.

To register or get more info, head here: 2010 Dating Conference

Hope to see you guys there.

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Apr 21, 2010 13:57

$337 for that? In this economy? Man that is steep….I will not be able to make that one so I wish you the best with it!

Apr 26, 2010 17:49

Tom, for a PUA conference that’s actually really cheap.

May 6, 2010 12:13

NYC as the “best” US city is highly debateable, but some strong speakers are going to be there… and $337 is certainly reasonable. The key thing you get from attending these conferences is the plethera of information, combined with the energy of hundreds of aspiring pua’s practicing. I know of few people that have attended a big conference without gaining more benefit then the ticket price.


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