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March Practical Pickup Bootcamp!

Hey Guys,

Saffron again. WOW. we are just coming off an amazing weekend, where we were able to see the growth of six fantastic guys right before our eyes. We couldn’t have asked for a better group, because we were able to work with people from all backgrounds: Tall, short, young, old, foreign, and American-born. Right now I can’t stop thinking about this one moment, where one of our students, a member of the Boston Lair, went into a set during the in-field day-game session. At first he was hesitant, so I had to nudge him into set, but after he opened, he stuck in there for a good ten minutes and returned with the biggest grin on his face. He said,

“Wow. When you first pushed me into the set, I didn’t feel any sparks, and then I remembered the advice that you gave me–for me to talk about myself more, for me to drop the sarcasm, and for me to really open up, and then I finally saw how the different parts of my game really come together. I finally understood what it means to be “in state.” I felt the spark of instant attraction. She sat there, opening up about herself to me and I began to open up about myself too, right in the middle of the store. It was the most amazing feeling. I don’t think that I’ll ever forget that set for the rest of my life.”

Sign Up Now (Saturday, 3/15th and Sunday, 3/16th – want a different date? E-mail us to inquire about 1-on-1s)

This is exactly why we are running this bootcamp. We hope that each and every one of our students has that “A HA!” moment, and sees how their game really comes together. We teach a very natural type of approach that looks to build off your personal strengths and shows you how to make a person attracted to YOU and not some routine. At the same time, we’re comprehensive and we hope to provide you with all the PRACTICAL parts of attraction. We sent out anonymous feedback forms to all of our students and 100% of them stated that they are currently recommending our bootcamp to their friends–no, they didn’t reply that they “would likely recommend in the future,” but rather that they are currently, going out there on their own accord to tell their friends about us, because they believe that we’re fully committed to improving your game. We already had some of the students’ friends sign up for our next bootcamp. Jump to the bottom of this post for student testimonials.

We’re constantly working on our material and pushing the edge to innovate within the community. No where else will you find a more comprehensive bootcamp focused on teaching all the aspects of practical pick-up. We don’t waste your time with evolutionary theory or vague conceptions of female dynamics. We don’t serve you bull about “magic pills” to hook every girl you meet in your life. We teach field-tested, student-validated methods for night game, day game, and inner game. We’ve also grown as teachers and have finessed through all the logistical issues of running a bootcamp. Even though our waiting list is almost full (we stand by a firm number of 6 students, 3 instructors, and 1 approach coach per bootcamp), we still want to open up our bootcamp to the general public, so that we can assemble a strong, diverse group of students.

Sign Up Now (Saturday, 3/15th and Sunday, 3/16th – want a different date? E-mail us to inquire about 1-on-1s)

After all this positive feedback from our students, I sat down with Doc and Entropy and we thought long and hard about our next bootcamp. We’re packing in as much value as we can for the 23 hours that we teach in a weekend, and we want to be able to offer it for the best value possible. While RSD and MM charge $2000+, we’re only charging $750 for our upcoming bootcamps. Thats less than a third of the industry price for a 20+ hour bootcamp, with a 3:2 student ratio that is unmatched throughout the community. Even though our bootcamp is almost filled and demand is very high, we wanted to make sure that we offered a very reasonable value, because we’re committed to seeing our students grow in their game. Our last bootcamp sold out in less than 4 days. Make sure you don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity.

Check out our competitors:

Mystery Method: $3,000/30 hours = $100/hr *
Real Social Dynamics: $2,000/21 hours = $95.23/hr**
Charisma Arts: $2500/19 hours = $131.57/hr***

PRACTICAL PICKUP: $750/21 hours = $35.71/hr

Sign Up Now (Saturday, 3/15th and Sunday, 3/16th – want a different date? E-mail us to inquire about 1-on-1s)

Here is an overview of what we’re offering. 12 hours of seminar time/customized debriefing and 9 hours of in-field approaching:

Day Game:
• Day-Game Based Immediate Attraction Openers
• Deep Soul Comfort Stacks
• Quality Qualifications
• Identity Development
• Immediate & Personalized In-field Feedback & much, much more…
Night Game:
• Night-Game Customized Immediate Attraction Openers
• Dance Floor Game Deconstructed
• Sexualized Eye Contact and Seductive Kino
• Customized Routines
• Comprehensive Cold Reading
• Powerstacking — Individually-based, Topic-linked stacks
• Immediate & Personalized In-field Feedback & much, much more…
Inner Game:
• Impenetrable Frame Focus
• Shifting Shit Tests
• State Control Secrets
• The Power of Beliefs
• Immediate & Personalized In-field Feedback & much, much more…

Sign Up Now (Saturday, 3/15th and Sunday, 3/16th – want a different date? E-mail us to inquire about 1-on-1s)

Not from Boston? Looking for a different type of bootcamp? We wholeheartedly endorse:

Asian Playboy’s ABCofAttraction – BLP-based seduction tactics, Comprehensive “Attract to Fun” Structure, Specialized Ethnic and Minority Coaching.

El Topo’s 1-on-1 – Customized Routine Stacks and Grounding Methodology. Advanced Body Language Techniques and Transitioner Development

Sign Up Now (Saturday, 3/15th and Sunday, 3/16th – want a different date? E-mail us to inquire about 1-on-1s)

By taking our bootcamp, we guarantee you access to us as support for the next 3 months into your pickup career. Remember, we are here to build relationships, not clients. We still keep in touch with all of our students from our past bootcamp. We will also be developing more advanced material, which we will make first available to you. Finally we will be able to help you acquire discounts to ABCofAttraction bootcamps and El Topo’s services, should you wish to continue your pickup education elsewhere. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now before we’re sold out again.


“It was planned out perfectly from planning out topics to be discussed to running sessions in-field. I far exceeded my goals that I had set out for myself during this bootcamp.” – recthegr8

“Every infield debrief was awesome, especially when it comes down to: “X is your problem, fix it.” Allowing you to keep something concrete in mind for the next set. I think the seminar was very well put together for people that are generally new to the community. The BC’s focus on natural personal development made it stand out from many of the other “PUA” materials I’ve read. The diverse PU styles of the coaches made the BC feel dynamic and multifaceted. In-field coaching was very nice and did wonders for reducing my AA.” – Solice

“I will start off by saying that I highly recommend them to anyone looking to really raise their game to another level no matter what level your game is at currently. The Practical Pickup team really wants to help people achieve their personal goals and realize that while pickup is the initial goal that those who commit to the life style end up becoming better people in many aspects of their lives. Books and videos are a great way to get you involved in the community and I was very skeptical of the value of these boot camps but they have turned the world’s biggest cynic to a total believer.” – Ganglord (full review here)

Sign Up Now (Saturday, 3/15th and Sunday, 3/16th – want a different date? E-mail us to inquire about 1-on-1s)

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