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Los Angeles Musings

Just finished up a bootcamp here in LA. Doc’s starting his lair talk and I’m going on after him in about an hour. Los Angeles (Hollywood in particular) is kind of the cradle of the PUA community and there’s a lot of hype and lore from this area. After teaching my first bootcamp here, here are some of my thoughts.

- The girls are overrated. They’re not that hot. They’re like any other girls in the country except with nicer tans and nicer clothes. Blow outs here are not more common nor are they harder. I don’t think Doc and I got blown out our whole time here. I find that really the differences around the country are blown out of proportion. People really aren’t that different and that includes hot girls. (For your info, in my experience, NYC has the hottest girls and Miami is the hardest place to sarge).

- It’s ironic that one has to come to a city where it never gets cold to see every guy wearing a scarf.

- The stereotype is true, almost every person I met here in LA has two occupations: what they really do and what they want to do. Some of the people I met were: waitress/actresses, bartender/musicians, administrator/writer, etc.

- Best exchange of the weekend:

Her: “I’m trying to get a job at Fox News.”
Me: “Jesus Christ, kill yourself.”
Her: “Oh my God, that would be horrible.”
Me: “You’re right. Take a gun to Fox News, kill all your co-workers, and THEN kill yourself.”
Her: “No! There will be no killing at Fox News.”
Me: “Come on, do your country a favor. You’re obviously not a patriot.”

For your info, the girl kept talking to me for another five minutes until my student got her friend’s number and ejected.

- Highlight of night game: blasting the worst Tejano music imaginable while cruising down Sunset Boulevard.

- A big shout out to the guys we’ve met out here. Thanks to CaptainHook and Megatron for their amazing hospitality. Seriously, our bootcamp and talks may not have happened without you guys. Thanks to J the Ripper for setting up our talks. Thanks to the Casanova Crew — seriously one of the most solid group of guys of any lair we’ve visited.

- We met Vince Kelvin while out here. He’s SERIOUS old school and possibly the highest-energy person I’ve ever met. But the guy is one of the kindest and most genuine people I’ve met in the community and he’ll be hosting Doc on his free call tomorrow. Check out Doc’s Blog for more info.

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