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You always need a little luck on your side to get her home

You always need a little luck on your side to get her home

Got a good question on a board recently about handling logistics. I’ll forgo the post and just put up my reply:

SNL’s are all about logistics. Getting a girl to the point that she’s willing to fuck isn’t that hard at night once you have solid game and good escalation. What’s hard is dealing with the logistics.


SNL’s = Solid Game + Fast Escalation + Logistics

Learning solid game just comes down to practicing and learning to calibrate well. Escalation requires a lot of practice and experience as well. But logistics is a different beast. How do you handle them? First you need to know three things:

Logistics will always:
A) Be completely random and situational
B) Be extremely random
C) Did I mention that they’re random and sometimes there’s nothing you can do?

As a result, you have to just follow a handful of guidelines and then hope for the best.

1) Gather all relevant info. This includes: where she lives, where you live, how she got there, how she’s getting home, how you got there, if she’s sharing a ride, with who, who is she with, how does she know them, when is she going home, can you get her home in the morning, when does she have to be home in the morning, etc., etc.

2) Let HER win her friends over, not you. When it comes to taking a girl home, nothing you say, no matter how charming or cool is going to make you look genuine, “No, really, I just want to show her this cool YouTube video, I promise.” Let HER do the talking. If she’s not willing to appease her friends for you, then you haven’t gamed her well enough.

3) Make decisions and move swiftly. Don’t waffle. Don’t ask her what she wants to do. Gather the pertinent information and make an educated decision. I.e., She came with two friends, one of which is her roommate. She lives 30 minutes away. Have her give her roommate her keys and take her home with you. Tell her what you’re going to do and then do it. If you think the only shot you have is at a bathroom pull or to the car, then do it. Just grab her and go. Make her stop you.

4) Be flexible. Shit happens in night game. REALLY RANDOM SHIT. I’ve had pulls get fucked up because the girl started puking, because her brother suddenly showed up, because her friend started spontaneously crying, because her bridesmaids pulled her away, because her ex-boyfriend punched me in the face, because SHE started spontaneously crying, because she lost her keys and got locked out of her apartment, because the cab took us to the wrong hotel, etc., etc., etc. EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED AND ADAPT.

5) Get lucky. Again, shit happens. Deal with it. Sometimes there’s literally nothing you can do.

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Jan 26, 2009 20:26

Lol :) I bet you could write a book with all those stories of pulls failing due to logistics, some of those sound like *really* funny stories.

Public Service
Jan 27, 2009 8:03

I learned this in psychology yesterday…

Failure is caused by unwillingness to adapt.

Night Game Model — Part 1 | www.EntropyPUA.com
Apr 16, 2009 15:32

[...] Night game is very random. Aside from logistics, crazy shit is happening at night: people are drunk, fights break out, everyone is with a lot of [...]

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