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Grocery Store Game

The grocery store is one of the only day game locations were I don’t go direct every time. So I wanted to write a little primer about what I do to meet women in the frozen food section.

There are three indirect openers that I use at the grocery store. All of them work and have been field tested. But first lets talk about when and what grocery stores to go to.

The time frame to go is Monday – Friday from 6pm – 8pm and Sunday from about 12 – 7. Basically after the 9 to 5ers get out of work during the week and Sunday because it’s usually better than a mall on a Sunday afternoon. Saturday is good too but not nearly as good as a mall.

If you have a Trader Joe’s or a Whole Foods near you then go there. Other grocery stores are alright, Whole Foods is a jackpot.

The “Can you cook this?” Opener

You go into any isle with your cart and grab a random thing off the shelf within earshot of the woman you want to open.

PUA: Can you cook this?
HB: Yes/No
PUA: If yes: Awesome you’re my new personal chef!
PUA: If No: What! You can’t cook Hamburger Helper! Where did you go to culinary school again? You’re fired as my personal chef.

And you roleplay about her being your personal chef for a minute or two. Then you ask her what else is left on her list.


PUA: WHAT! You don’t have a list! You’re going to leave here with Twinkies and Ramen Noodles. You need to shop with me so I can show you why having a list is better.

And you shop together. You can make it fun by saying things like “Ok I’m going to frozen food, you need fruit, let’s meet in the cereal isle in 5!”

And you can be a gentleman at the end and carry her stuff to her car, exchange numbers.

It’s really cool because shopping together is like having a built in instant date.

The “I’ll Trade You” Opener

This is my personal favorite opener of all time.

You push your cart right next to or in front of hers. You grab something out of yours, preferably junk food, and reach into her cart and grab something healthy.

She’s going to be looking at you like WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!

PUA: Ok, I’ll trade you my Cool Ranch Doritos for your oranges.

They’ll laugh really hard.

Then you do the same list transition as above and shop together.

The “Are You Following Me?” Opener

This one can really be used in any line. It’s not my favorite but it works.

You’re standing in line with with a cute woman behind you. You look back and make sure she realizes you’re looking back.

You wait about 30 seconds and look back again and give her a funny look. She’ll look a little confused and might return your funny look.

PUA: Are you following me? -smile-

They’ll laugh and it’s a great way to spend your time in line.

Now get out there and meet some women.

Oh, and if you go to the grocery store just to open women put all the food back where you found it. It doesn’t make you alpha to leave a cart full of food for the kid making minimum wage to put back on the shelf.

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