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FR: Let no set go to Waste

When I sarge, I used to only go for the lay. Slowly, that changed as the validation I sought from women disappeared. Now, once I hook a set, I feel very confident in in my ability to lead the interaction to whichever end I desire.

Last night is a good example of this concept. Towards the end of the night, I somehow ended up winging for Mr. Awesome in this two set. These were both 30-something women, and my girl was an HB6 or so. I came in unenthused, but kept my game clicking as things seemed to be going well for Mr. Awesome. Generally, HB7’s and below, I just play “don’t fuck up” game, as I never have to demonstrate much value at all to gain attraction. This woman was no different.

The woman turned out to be fun, so maybe I got bored, but I amped up the sexual tension and kino to get her aroused. As we’re venue-changing, this girl is walking with her arms around me, hugging me on the sidewalk screaming, “OMG! I LOVE YOU!” and telling me how she likes to be spanked, have her hair pulled, etc. What would the old Entropy have done? I would have bitten the bullet, knocked back a few drinks and banged her. But honestly, I was not sexually attracted to her. HB6? Sorry, I’d just be padding my stats at this point.

We end up in a restaurant getting some appetizers. It turns out Awesome’s girl is happily MARRIED, so obvious a no go there. Meanwhile, my girl is insinuating that she’s going to take me home. She buys me a beer. I tell her she’s getting me drunk to take advantage of me. She slyly says “maybe,” and smiles. I told her to not get her hopes up, which looking back, was kind of a harsh way to let her down.

She became a bit incredulous saying, “What guy turns down sex? Especially at your age?” I make up some nonsense about how I’m high maintenence, need attention and affection, blah, blah, blah. Right then Mr. Awesome overhears us talking.

Mr. Awesome: “Wait, what did he turn down?”
HB: “He says he won’t have sex with me.”
Mr. Awesome: (not realizing that we were being serious; jokes) “Oh, I don’t blame him.”

She went from slightly incredulous to straight up offended. She pitched a fit and things got awkward. It appeared that we would be leaving soon on bad terms.

But fuck that. This was a very cool woman with a great sense of humor, and a whole pool of potential female friends. So I reinitiated conversation by feigning some interest in her work. For some reason 30-something single women will talk FOREVER about their jobs — it’s probably no accident that they’re still single. I re-oriented the interaction into a friendship frame: generating interest and intrigue while dropping all sexual tension. We went on to have an excellent and deep conversation about career paths, aspirations, youth, etc.

I ask her how often she comes into town to go out and she said every week or so. I asked her if she wanted to hang out again, and she enthusiastically said yes. The let down and sexual rejection from a mere 10 minutes ago seemed unreal, a mere aberration in the development of a more genuine interaction.

I was particularly happy with this night. I never used to do stuff like this. Like I said, I used to just go for the lay, etc. And if that didn’t work out, and she wasn’t hot, I’d ditch her on a dime and never think about her again. Not only is that a bit egotistical, but it’s inefficient. You put time into this set, even if you’re not going to hook up, reap the benefits of your time and effort: make her YOUR friend and then fuck HER friends.

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