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Does Your Girlfriend Have a Case of the Crazies?

This guy’s did (video moves kind of slow, but it’s worth the wait):

I’ve had two scenarios that rival this one:

- One time a girl broke into my apartment by ripping off the screen to my window and crawling through. She then waited for me for hours to come home because I hadn’t returned her calls in two days. I had only been seeing her for about a month. Somehow, I ended up seeing her for another year. She was bonafide nuts, but all in all, her nutso behavior was usually good towards me after that. She was great in the sack, spoiled me rotten and let me sleep with other women. Shrug.

- Another time I was supposed to go ice-skating with another girl on a Sunday. She called me at 8AM excited and ready to go. She said she wanted to leave then so we could spend the whole day together. I had been up until 3AM partying the night before, and told her I felt like shit and that I’d call her when I woke up, hung up and went back to sleep without thinking much of it. When I woke up at about noon, I had three voicemails and two MySpace messages from her alternating between violently screaming at me for standing her up, and apologizing and telling me she loved me. I never called her again. She sent another half dozen MySpace messages over the next three days, again, alternating between angry hysterics and heartfelt apologies. The ice-skating date was supposed to be our third date. Looking back, I think she was probably bipolar.

Every guy has a “girl with the crazies” story. What are some of your worst ones?

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Aug 16, 2009 21:50

2 stories

- I had dated this girl for about 1 and 1/2 years. She lived with me and one day i was trying to break up with her. After sometime of talking and arguing I left to go to the bathroom. When i came back i found her trying to slit her wrists with a “showtime” knife. (I came to find out later when i kicked her out that she had 8 knives under the mattress). well i went to go take the knife from her and she stabbed it into my hand.

- second was with the same girl. I had gotten her a teddy bear when she was in the hospital and another stuffed animal at some time. After we broke up for real she returned a box to my back door with all the stuff i had ever given her in it, and included with these items was a stuffed teddy bear and a stuffed easter bunny rabbit with their heads cut off… needless to say i kept them in the living room as hand puppets, makes an awesome story for when friends come over.

Aug 25, 2009 6:28

I had just gotten better at game recently thanks to Entropy and in a month I had a 4 girl rotation going, then I moved to the south cause I had problems and I met up with a woman who’s a lawyer, thinking game was going to get me somewhere and get her to help me in a sitaution I had.
I REGRET ever gaming her with the purpose of mixing my personal issues with relationships.
I didnt have any experience in relationships other than a divorce and its was obvious that I was a total wuss getting manipulated by her, she supposedly wanted to be BF/GF.She knew about my problem cause I asked her for help and guidance after we had sex 2nd time and started to be bossy and demanding…to a point of a montha dn a half putting up with dissrespectfulness which almost led me to tears, at one point one night she made a big deal out of a can of soda from her fridge and went off at me, I wanted to leave and told her so..I left and she wanted me to go back upstairs and I just said I was leaving, I was at the stoplight and I noticed her in her car chasing me and got infornt of me like in the cops shows and went off calling me a low life asshole and the it was over…..

I was in such confusion cause I had notcied I was with a psycho..3 dyas later we end talking thru text and had an ex rotation girl help me game her back thru text, telling her its for a friend.
we met up and I knew things were different. she procedded with worse treatment and to a point of trigerring jealousy and it was obvious she was seeing someone else.I went direct and noticed things about her and brought it up and also about some guy that flirted with her, I dont know if what I did showed inseurity but at that point we both ddnt feel the same for each other and she admitted that that guy was a friend she hanged out one a month and that if she wanted to fuck him she wouldnt have a problem getting him.
I didn t know how things work in relationships, she said BF/GF and pulls this and I kindah undersatnd a bit better but she just asked that she needed space and take a break…

Concerning to my problem I was in worse depression ever and desperation and needed her help, I felt like how doc holliday described to me down a dn suicidal and felt my mojo “game” was lost and that I had invested too much.
I called her to get her to help me one last chance in fear of her interfering with my case sinceI didnt hire her yet she knew all my flaws. she was very cold to me eventhough I was kindah mushy trying to get her back when I lost her and was with her for the wrong reasons. I then decided to contact her later to ask for her help and she saids it wasnt her problem and for me to take care of it..It was obvious that I didnt screen and lead the realtionship and I was just taggin along unitl she got tired of me and It was my fault…
we spoke today in the morning and she agreed to help me one last chance on a document for my case and I thanked her for her being there for me ( just to get her to comply for one last time to get her advice on my case) and basically she called the shot that “we are meant for each other but we are in the wrong time”
I realize that its true what Entropy and adonis mentioned in an early post, relationships are run by women but guys need to lead… I was dealing with a low self esteem controlling psycho and I was left with a lesson…

Now I need is feedback on what I did wrong in this scenario in dealing with realtionships…I hope Entropy can give me honest feedback and lesson on relationships…espcially with my situation how I couldve handled better.

I took the bootcamp got one on one and was getting good to a rotation with his comfort connection
game…….Its just too bad I couldnt make it to his relationship seminar in Boston on time..look how much I had to put up with …..cant wait till the DVD comes out.

If you have any thoughts on this and advice please feel free to post,Id greatly appreciate it


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