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Dead Phone Numbers

I get a lot of questions about what to do with dead phone numbers and how to bring them back to life.

First is when do you decide that a number is dead? Sinn came up with a great system for following up with numbers called phone freeze out. Basically it breaks down so that for each time you’ve called her and she doesn’t answer up or return your call you freeze her out for that many days before trying to call again.

Written out it looks like this–

Day 1 – Call
Day 2 – Freeze out
Day 3 – Call
Day 4 – Freeze out
Day 5 – Freeze out
Day 6 – Call
Day 7 – Freeze out
Day 8 – Freeze out
Day 9 – Freeze out
Day 10 – Call
Day 11 – Freeze out
Day 12 – Freeze out
Day 13 – Freeze out
Day 14 – Freeze out
Day 15 – Call

In theory this could go on forever but after two weeks (15 days) you can pretty much assume that the number is dead. I also like to leave a voicemail each time I call and she doesn’t answer. It’s best to keep them short and not mention the fact that she never returned your call. I usually just say “Hey, It’s Doc. Talk to you later.”

I used to leave leave messages of me singing a la Jeffy and his Air Supply voicemail… but then I kinda realized how weird and inconvenient it is to sing into someone’s voicemail.

Now I usually just send this text.

I wait until it’s about midnight or 1AM and send this fake booty call “Come over. Key is in the usual place.”

Usually they reply saying that you texted the wrong person or something similar and I always respond “Haha. oops. that wasn’t for you.” and call them the next day. Most of the time they pick up and will start grilling you about the booty call and who it was for. Just laugh it off, cut the thread, and stack into something else.

Saffron has great connections to parties and night life and he would just change the name of his dead numbers in his phone and every week or two send out tons of mass texts to the girls saying “Hey everyone. Big party at X bar tonight. Come out.”

Some nights a few girls would show up, other nights just one or none would come. Either way they’ll give you social proof and a lot of times will create jealously plot lines and all that shit.

Try both, see which you prefer, and make the most of your numbers.

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