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Coaching Changes


This is probably a bit overdue, but I’m making a few changes to my in-person coaching, how much it costs, and how I do it.

From now on, one on one in-person coaching must be a minimum of two nights (and/or days). The reasons for this:

1) For the majority of people and sticking points, one night isn’t enough time to see a significant amount of improvement or long-term change — or at least the amount that I’d be happy with. One night is usually just long enough to have the “mindfuck” experience, but not actually practice new skills.
2) I’m only interested in students who are serious about their development and learning this stuff — not guys looking for a quick fix or a “magic pill.” Bootcamps take work. They’re rigorous. And you get as much out of them as you put into them.
3) I have less and less time to run around the country (or world) to coach guys for just one night. It just doesn’t financially make sense for me anymore.
4) I’m interested in only taking on a handful of students each year, but working with them on more of a long-term basis.

Here are the new one on one prices:

Two Sessions: $1750
Three Sessions: $2350
Four Sessions: $2850*
Five Sessions: $3350*
Any Session After that: $400 more*

* – Packages of four sessions or more can be split up between two different weeks.

Each session is relatively the same: 6-7 hours per day, at least four hours in field, debriefing, and 1-2 hours of seminar/theoretical coaching.

Coaching will also come with one phone consult for every night we work together. So if we do three nights together, you have three free phone consultations with me that you can use whenever you choose.

And if you have a friend who is interested in coaching as well, then I will do a 1-on-2 for only 50% more the regular price — so you both basically get 25% off. (For example: One guy, three nights is $2,350; two guys, three nights is $3,575 or $1,787 each; you each save $562)

As always, email me if you’re interested in coaching. I’m have some openings this coming January and will also be in the UK in late January/Early February.

Also, some new testimonials from the last few months that I never got around to adding to the site:

“It wasn’t until I had a coaching night out with Entropy and saw him build attraction in-set largely through body language that I first got a model of what actually “works” in pickup. I’d say that modeling Entropy from that one night in field has had more impact on my success in building attraction quickly than everything else I’ve done since I joined the community.”
- Sublime, Boston

“If Entropy is still coaching, buy it. He’s worth every fucking penny.  I went out with him and I highly recommend it. Just seeing his body language and behavior around girls codified a TON of shit that I had only read about and never REALLY understood before.”
- Spirit, Scottsdale

“You’re a dick. I have more girls than I know what to do with now. They won’t leave me alone. This is all your fault.”
- Brett, Chicago, IL

Hi, I talked to you at the Hamburg Lair. After your advice, I actually got two lays, everything seems much easier now ! :) , thanks…”
- Alexander, Hamburg, Germany

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