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A few months ago, I mentioned that there would be some major changes coming to this blog and my whole business structure this year, including a large shifting around and/or removal of content. Well, these changes are going to start happening probably in the next week or two. I wanted to give all the regular readers a heads-up so I don’t get 400 emails one day complaining or freaking out that the blog is gone. Here’s what to expect and in the relative order that things will happen:

  • New product launch. The new product is basically my book Practical Pickup, plus about a dozen of my best blog posts, plus a bunch of audio and video, plus a bunch of exercises and in-field challenges. It’s all organized into a step-by-step system that tells guys exactly what to learn and to practice in order. Obviously when this product is released, the blog posts that are part of it will be removed forever.
  • I will be moving the blog over to There are a few reasons for this, mostly marketing-related. I will continue to update the blog, although probably only half as frequently. Also, a lot of very generic and boring material that very few of you will read will be added to its archives, again for marketing purposes. My updates there will probably continue to be my personal musings and personal development as they’ve been here the last six months or so. Despite organizing the content for marketing purposes, the updates will not be commercialized.
  • will be re-situated 100% for my coaching business. It will probably become a static page with links to my products and coaching services.
  • Coaching prices will probably go up slightly again, as well as bringing on 1-2 coaches under me. Do not ask about coaching for me, I already have plenty of friends who are qualified. If you’ve been thinking about doing some coaching, and don’t want to get hit with the new prices, my guess is they’ll go up in August sometime.
  • My guess is by the end of the year, I will start a personal travel blog/site, which will receive more attention and be more about living mobile, passive income, international travel, and other life observations. It appears as time goes on, I’m going the way of Herbal and Style… becoming far more interested in developing my lifestyle as a whole, rather than just getting laid a lot.

I love writing this blog and still put a lot of time and effort into it. But these days, it makes less and less sense for me to maintain it to such a degree — both professionally and personally. It will continue to exist, but whereas for most of the last 3 years, it’s been either my ENTIRE business, or the primary focus of my business, going forward, it’s going to have to become a secondary priority.

There have been some seriously life-changing discussions here and when it comes to intellectual engagement and understanding, this is the best readership I could ever hope for. So thank you all.

Upcoming posts: Entropy plays with online game, new observations on day game versus night game, my observations on having fuck buddies again for the first time in over two years.

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Jun 11, 2010 11:07

I will start a personal travel blog/site, which will receive more attention and be more about living mobile, passive income, international travel, and other life observations

This is something I would be very much interested in. Please do keep us informed somehow. This is, and has been a great blog, and it’s the only blog related to pick up that I read with any consistency, and the absolute only one in which I’ve ever posted a comment or participated in a discussion.

Entropy, if you find yourself inclined to generosity anytime in the next couple of days, would you give a hint about which articles might be removed? I would assume it would be the day and night game models. Any hint will do, I can read between the lines.

All jests aside for a moment, you’ve done a fantastic job with this blog/business and I wish you the best of luck in the future. I realize the opportunity for discussion will be scarce as you become busy and post less frequently, so I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to tell you…thanks.

Jun 11, 2010 14:05

Hi Mark you hinted about this when you were in Prague. Glad that you are moving in such an exciting way!
For those of us who’ve already got your ebooks or had a bootcamp with you, will we be able to get the extra materials as updates..? ;)

I get some US readers on my blog so am happy to mention your projects to them too.

Jun 11, 2010 14:07

Cool, I’m looking forward to the new blog (incorporated in practical pickup i guess?).

Jun 11, 2010 14:12

The articles that will disappear are mostly under the “Articles” tab right now… The LR’s were removed a while back as well as a few others that are already gone.

The travel blog will end up being outside of PracticalPickup and the PUA community entirely. It will either be a blog under my personal name (I own, which is my real name), or a completely new and made up name reflecting travel and lifestyle design like or something. It really depends on how serious and into the travel blogging I get. If I love it, I may try to turn it into a business the way I did with PUA, if not, it may just remain my personal adventures and musings.

Will definitely announce it to you guys when it goes up… but that’s still a ways off. The PP blog will be similar to how this blog has been the last year — less PUA’ish, more personal, a little more generic, but still definitely about women.

Prague: glad to see you got your site up and running. Shoot me an email and we can work something out.

Jun 11, 2010 16:17

Smart man! Great ideas. Looking forward to it.

Jun 12, 2010 10:39

Looking forward to see your new blog :)

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