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Apologies for the blog being down the last 24 hours. I moved all of my websites to a new server yesterday, and it caused some bugs all over the place. Everything should be fine now.

I’m heading back to Texas today and will remain there until January or so. Will be posting some new content and announcements this week. Thanks for your patience.

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Nov 11, 2009 11:28

Man Entropy, I think about it like this: I can read what you wrote, seconds after you post it, although you are 10 000 miles away from me. And I don’t have to pay money for it. A few years ago, one had to buy a book or a magazine, if one wanted to read something someone else wrote. Which would also take longer than a few seconds to get to me. And you can instantly correct mistakes or add new things that came to your mind after you posted it. I mean holy shit. What am I to complain, just because this awesome thing, that allows us all that, is out of order for a few hours.

PS: Yes, I am totally refering to the post before this one. :-)

Nov 13, 2009 17:08

Hey, where in Texas are you?? I live in Houston. Could use a wingman… know anyone down here?

Nov 16, 2009 15:55

Nov 16, 2009 21:04

don’t have the funds, but am looking for a wingman to go out with… plus I have all the free info I need. Thanks for the offer, though.

Nov 18, 2009 9:46

getting coaching from Entropy is worth it..if you are looking for a wingman to build a chode crystal and talk game then its different. stick to your wing dude…all that being said,
I met Entropy through top guy’s in this PUA stuff or whatever,Im glad i made that long trip to boston and got to meet him and the boys…
Entropy delivers no BS to get you good faster than most. I see where you are coming from bro but winging and coaching? I stick with coaching if you are starting off ,as i can tell you are a n00b.

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