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A2daMir LR: Amazing…

Back with another A2daMir report. In case you missed the last one, the reason I’m posting these is because back in the day (like over 3 years ago), this guy’s LR’s helped more than just about anything out there. I never really got into ebooks. And we didn’t have 20-DVD courses back in my day. And I sure as shit didn’t have enough money for a bootcamp. So I learned off of A2daMir and BradP LR’s.

This one’s pretty absurd. I remember reading it like 2-3 times when he wrote it. He lays 3 girls in 2 nights off cold approach. All three girls are friends. First night is a 3some. Ridiculous shit.


Hey guys, yeah I know I said i wont post anymore, but some of the emails i get from you guys are touching…still after 7-8 months i keep receiving emails, so you know, it makes me wanna contribute something back…thanks for the emails…

This is another long/detailed one… so if you dont have 30-45 mins, then come back when you have time…

this happened this past long weekend, I know Monday was a holiday but don’t know what holiday it was.

i get up have breakfast, and plan to go to the gym, and my bro calls me and says he wants to go to the mall and he’s on his way to p’ick me up ( i gave this intro to tell you what i was wearing, i was basically wearing gym clothes, a black Sean John sweatpants, sneakers, a baggy Ecko t-shirt( i don’t wear tight shirts to the gym), and a hat… i say this because i heard some people say “i wasn’t dressed that’s why i didn’t sarge her ” etc.”)
So we get there, as we’re walking towards the entrance, i hear 2 girls behind us ( she was wearing those stupid flip flops that slap the floor with every step), i had a quick glance at them:

HB1:Black sweatpants, white sort of stretch top, giant glasses, the ones that make you look like a bug or something, at first i couldn’t see her ass, but the shape of her hips, small waist, alright tits sticking out of the top…an estimate of 8
HB2: Sweatpants, and a shirt with the name of a college on it( a college in that area), her shirt wasn’t that tight, so i couldn’t make an outline of her body, but nice hips as well, her face was good too, border line 7.5-8

i was like 20 ft away, so i told my bro to slow down ( i was about 10-15 ft away from the entrance door, i was planning to reach the door a lil earlier than them and hold it open and open the set when they walked by me and thanked me for holding the door open)so we reach the door, i dont walk through the door and hold it open, instead i open the door and my brother walks in , by now the other girls were like 3-4 ft away, so i just held it open for them… HB2 walks in first and says thanks and HB1 walks behind her and looks at me and says thank, when HB1 looked towards me and said thanks, i let out something between a cough and a laugh and had a grin on my face, by now she had turned her head away but when she heard the cough/laugh she looked back and saw me looking at her with the grin.
HB1: what is it?
Me: ( with the grin) nah its nothing
HB1: why are you laughing at me ( she wasn’t smiling or anything, but didn’t sounds that hostile either)
Me: first of all Im not laughing, second of all Im not laughing AT YOU
HB1: then what are you laughing at?
Me: i had a proposition for you which was kinda funny but it seems you woke up the wrong side of the bed today
HB1: no i didnt , how would you like people laughing at you
Me: Did you go clubbing last night? ( by now we were walking at a very slow pace)
HB1: no just a bar
Me: then that’s it
HB1: that’s what
Me: the music was probably too loud you still cant hear that good because i already said i wasn’t laughing at you, then you tell me how i would like it if you were laughing at me
HB1: so what did you wanna ask me?
Me: here we go again, you wanna go to Best Buy or something so i can speak on the microphone or something? i said i wanted to PROPOSE something not ask something
HB1:look who’s talking, it seems your the one that woke up the wrong side of the bed ( by now she had tilted her glasses up on the top of her head( know what i mean?)
Melooked towards HB2) you guys wanna go out and walk in again this time i slam the door on her face ( with my head pointing towards HB1)
HB2: ( she smiled, first postivie sign/point in this set)
HB1:i already said thank you
Me: So hey, how about the proposition ( by now I had come up with a basic frame for the proposition…
Me: you have to do something, and i’ll either pay you 10 bucks or go get ice cream in the food court
HB1: ( she had a curious look along with a smile on her face, i think she knew i was fucking around with her) 10 bucks?
Me: Yeah
HB1: is it something bad?
Me: no, nothing Bangbus style
( Both laughed , my brother too)
HB1: ( to HB2) i told you all guys watch porn ( umm..i guess they had a personal discussion or something…anyway)
Me: i dont watch porn
HB1: then how do you know Bangbus
Me: ahh nothing ( didn’t wanna get into it)
HB1: ok so what was your PROPOSITION ( she said PROPOSITION with emphasis on it)
Me: ok, im gonna have you do something, but i have to film you ( i took out my phone)
HB1: do what?
Me: Put your glasses back on, and say ” I’ll Be Back” ( i said it with Arnold’s Voice/Accent)
(Both of them laughed hysterically)
HB1: You don’t like my glasses?
Me: they’re alright
HB2: She paid so much for them, she hates you now
Me: no im sure there are some guys that think your sunglasses are ..umm.. for lack of better word COOL
HB1: (HB2 and my bro laughin)you really dont like it?
Me: No they’re Ok, its just… ( didnt say anything )
HB1: they’re what
Me: ahh nothing they are very nice, so you gonna do it or not?
HB1: Noooo
Me to my bro) i told you they looked boring
HB2: we’re not boring
Me: (to HB2)no you seem cool, would you do it for 10 bucks?
HB2: (laughed) its her glasses not mine…
Anyway, i convinced HB1 to do it, ( i havent been on mASF for so long, i know Tokyo was talking about being able to update pics/videos…. i’ll try to upload the clip of her saying her, she sounded so cute with the Arnold Accent)

Me: Nice, i’ll email this to Bangbus
(both laughed)( just a side note, notice my brother is mostly quiet during my sarges, he know not to interrupt, not because im an asshole or anything, but he knows i spread enough attention around in a group, this is VERYYYYYY important guys,
no matter if your sarging chicks, or with a a group of friends, spread attention to everyone)
Me: so what are you guys doing at the mall
HB2: shopping
Me: NOOO, get out of here ( with sarcasm)
HB2: (laughed) no there is some good sales for the holiday so we came to check it out
HB1: what are you doing at the mall? finding random girls to film
Me: not Random girls, very specific ones ( i kinda feel this was a mini shit test by her???)
HB1 smiled)
Me: ( i saw her smile) hey dont flatter yourself, specific doesn’t necessarily mean in a good way
HB1 her mouth and eyes literally open and looked towards HB2) can you believe this guy, ( then she looked towards my bro) your friend is such an asshole
Me:whoaaa, it usually takes 2-3 hours for girls to realize it and call me an asshole, you called me an asshole in the first 10 minutes ( then i looked away and said HUH in a questionable way)
HB1: what?
Me: nothing, im just wondering what you’ll be calling me in a couple of hours
(all 3 laughed)
HB2: trust me she calls it as she sees it
Me: (i reached my hands for a handshake towards HB2 and said) well my names is ( and shook her hand), but since your friend calls it as she sees it, she can call me hot sexy jacked up asshole
(all three laughed)
( they introduced themselves.. BTW, HB1 was a 8.35 ( I can se her being a borderline 8.9 9.0 with makeup)now from upfront, she had the most amazing blue eyes, and a tounge peircing… u know its kind of funny, they were in style for a while, but i dont think i’ve been with a chick with tounge piercing for a long time, its like it went out of style. HB2, was an 8)
Me: So you guys wanna go get ice cream ( Oh.. FYI, if you guys remember another PU i had ( pretty sure another threesome, i know i did a LR on it), anyway, it was at the same mall as this, i thinkkk in that one too we went to the food court…and i think for ice cream again )

You guys think im a sneaky bastard huh, watch what i do next…

Not try to sound like kanye west and flattering myself , just trying to give you guys an idea of my personality… im th type of guy that always tries to give the best to my friends and family, specially when it comes to to chicks. specially my brothers…i honestly feel guilty if i go after the hottest chick in the pack, specially if a group of us friends are out…
So i reach in my phone, and take out my phone again and pretend that someone had called me and i was talking on the phone… I speak different languages, so started to talk in a different language on the phone, but i was actually communicating with my brother.. i told him that for me it doesnt matter, whichever one he wants he can pick, and i told him to face towards and look at the one he picked so i know which one he picked…ya know what i mean? like i’d say ” hey you noone called the phone this is BS hold on… (pause for 10 seconds like im listening to the person on the other side).) etc… i actually liked that anyway, my brother picked HB2, i dont know, maybe he deliberately left the hotter one for me… anyway
HB1: what language was that?
HB1: thats hot
Me: thanks Paris
HB1: (laughed and kinda smaked my arms) Damn
for those who don’t know me, im a bodybuilder, but not the roidhead freaky type, but im a big jacked guy, and Ray you knew i was growing like weed when i focused more on my diet, my arms are now 21inches w/out pump, i got pics to prove it too)
HB1: Damn
Me: What? ( i know exactly why she said that)
HB1: your arms are hard as rock, let me touch it
Me: they are?( and i felt them) damn i didnt know
(both laughed)
HB1ull up your sleeves let me see them
Me: hey, you dont see me walking around asking you to pull down your pants and show your ass or show your titties
( K Pause…(Again, im not saying this to flatter myself or anything)) in my opinion, its things like these that separate me and the others( me getting any girl(almost 95%, that’s including chicks that already have BFs) that i pick and those who crash and burn every time)…

almost 99% of the guys will feel honored to have a chick rub their arms and look at their arms and touch them in public, and everyone else will think your the fucking man, but later on in the day that same guy ends up jerking off to the idea of WHAT IF I COULDVE FUCK THAT CHICK…. Chicks have life easy for them , specially hot ones, they can get almost anything they want, specially from guys… Face it, put yourself in this scenario, your in a crowded mall, two hot girls are standing in front of you and one of them wants to rub your arms… would you let her?
By me not letting her touch me, it shows that im confident, experienced, not a sucker for her looks, experienced etc…. not to mention, its a fucking takeaway, and also i could use this as a prize for her, for example say ” hey take me out to a movie i’ll let you feel my arms during THE COMING ATTRACTIONS… and lol yeah i have done that before and she did take me to movies( but i paid, i dont let chicks pay, but i make them think till the last second that they are paying… they even take out the money , but i already have my credit card in my hand…))
HB1ull up your sleeves let me see them
Me: hey, you dont see me walking around asking you to pull down your pants and show your ass or show your titties
HB1: whatever, i’ll live ( pissed off)
Me: (hugged her) awww shes pissed off, i didnt know your that sensitive(oh, some might call this KINO, i call it DOMINATION, it might be a simple hug, but after alot of interrogations ( guys that know me know i interrogate chicks after we have sex, not a QA session or anything, just talking in bed i turn the subject around about when we met etc.) chicks love hugging, shows the guys is dependable, strong, she can lean on him etc)( but then again, dont go for the hug quickly, unless you can show a strong ass frame right off the bat… if you dont show a strong frame and go in for the hug quickly, she’ll probably scream and yell RAPE…another important thing is being humourous… if you are constantly making her laugh, you can brush of f the hug as you just being friendly and part of your fun personality…

HB1with a smile) get your hands off i don’t want to feel them anymore
Me: I’ll make it up lets go get the ice cream you won for filming that clip ( and i reached and held her hand and walked towards the escalator)( again, you might just read through this quickly, but its these small things that will seduce the girl, now im holding her hand and guiding her, and she didnt even try to let her hand go or anything, she followed)

so we go to the food court, they get ice cream , so does my bro, i get a large ice coffee ( need the caffeine for the gym).
So we just start talking, general questions, ask about their college , they went to a local college, one of them on the sports team, both were single, HB1 broke up with her BF about 2 months ago, the other one about 5 months ago…they had made out on several occasions, HB1 had 2 tattoos, along with a BB piercing, HB2 had a tramp stamp. they were going out to Boston for the night, it was her friends birthday, and they had like 15-20 people going out, they asked me to come, i asked them where they were going, she said her friend reserved a table at ( a club in boston), she asked that we should go with them, i told them we’ll meet them there…
She asked me about gym (oh i let her touch my arms , when she got the ice cream, i asked her if i can have a bite of her ice cream she can touch my arms( which BTW, sharing ice cream is intimate) Ray?)
anyway, she asked about the gym, where i worked out, if i was a trainer etc… i played it down and said nah im actually in gym clothes and was planning to go sign up for a gym… so i did my infamous type of closing

Me: Hey listen, we’re gonna go look around the mall for a bit and then i gotta go sign up at a gym
HB1: Oh stop it please
ME: Anyway, i’ll give you my number call me like in 4-5 hours or text me to make sure i didnt get hernia at the gym or anything, being my first day and all

anyway, we exchanged numbers, talked for a lil more and told them that i really had to go, cuz i had slept around 6 am the night before( actually the same morning as the day…late party after the club), and i had to go to the gym, then take a nap for the night)

about 15 mins later i get a text saying
Her:” It was nice meeting you and your brother & ” the stars were there names, for example molly & holly.
Me: why doesnt text my brother and tell him herself?! ( looking up for my bro, and initiating their “after the first meeting” communication
Her: you want everything your way dont you?
Me: they call me burger king
Her: lmao xoxox
Me: HEY! we’re still at the same mall if you really wanna give me a kiss i’ll come find you dont send me a text kiss
Her: lmao catch me if you can
Me: thats easy all i gotta do is take off my shirt stand in the middle of the mall you’ll come running to me
Her: mmmmm yummy( and that devil face on SMS)

( Ray, whats your take, during the face to face she wasnt this flirtatious, now she sends kiss, saying im yummy etc…)
Me: but honestly call me in 4-5 hours ok?
Her: maybe ( WTF??? after all the flirting now she says MAYBE? ray?) The time now was 12:54

anyway, i go to the gym, take care of some shit, go home shower and pass out on the couch watching college footbal…i woke up around 7, look at my phone and i had 3 text messages ( 9 in total, but 3 from these 2 new chicks)
Text#1 from HB1: heyy hope your gym went well call me when you get this ( 5:21 pm) ( and BTW these texts are exact quotes)
Text#2 from HB1: oh i c how it is  (5:29pm)
Text#3 from HB2: ( i didnt have her number,so i didnt know who it was at first but it said) is soo pissed off u seemed like a good guy

WTF!?!? i take a nap and now all of this crap?

I text HB1: jeez i was taking a power nap and now you hate me, im scared now to sleep a full 8 hours next to you (a lot is said in this, RAY you usually do a better job)
HB1: lol heyyyy whats up (power of humor… i swear guys, as i keep saying, if you can make a chick laugh, you can make her moan…)
Me: confused
HB1: what?
Me: what did you mean I C HOW IT IS?
HB1: i thought you were tired of me already
(she called, i ignored her call)
Me: bad reception @ home text me, i’ll pay you $2 for the texts you send dont worry
HB1:noooo its just easier to talk
Me: yeah hey your leaving at 10 right, its 7 now u chicks better start dressing up 20 diff things n finally pick something at 9:59
HB1:lol what time do you leave?
Me: honestly i dont know if i’ll be coming yet ( which was BS, i mean granted i had other plans for the night, but i was planning on seeing her, but i told her i might not show up to keep her in suspense
HB1: i hate you
Me: hence y im not coming ( i dont know why i said this one… i was playing around with her, but now i made it serious… mistake on my behalf i think…Ray or others, any good you see out of this specific line??)
HB1: im kiddin dont be silly (7:32 pm)

HB17:44 pm) u there?
Me: yeah y?
HB1: u didnt return my text i thought your mad at me. ( ray do u think she’s trying to be possessive and all paranoid and shit cuz of her break up? or was she like head over heels, couldn’t wait to receive my text messages?..or am i buying too much into her texts?)
Me: send me a pic ( i just wanted to change the subject, and have her say NO i wont send a pic and i look disgusting now blah blah blah…like they all fucking say, and then i can bust her balls on it, but…)
HB1: myspace add me
Me: first of all i dont have myspace second of all i dont want the pics the whole world can see, i want a pic of you right now
HB1: i look gross  ( i kid you not she said that, i swear chicks are like robots, T1 T2 T3…Tn… once you figure out their model then you got them figured out)
Me: ok :/
HB1: u mad?
Me: heartbroken, but its cool i’ll wear long sleeve shirt tonight so you cant see my arms(7:56)

HB18:02) pic attachment
HB18:03) pic attachment
HB18:05) pic attachment

( she sent 3 pics, damn… she looked amazing, i actually felt a rush of energy through my balls when i saw one of them, her taking a picture in the bathroom with blue jeans, and black bra, thats it, and her BB piercing)
Me: ewwww you look gross
Me: no and if you pretend one more time that you dont know ur hot, i will personally come to the club tonight and spank u , and for your punishment i’ll leave (i think she got the punchline, and i hope you guys did too, like most of my lines, not only i try to be funny, but i also try to show my confidence and dominance as well as the prize factor…in this case i tell her that if she does something, i’ll come spank her( one would think the spank is the punishment), but i follow up with ” and for your punishment…”…so its a mixture of humor, confidence, and a touch of sexual flirt…Ray, u can probably explain this better)
HB1: lmao
Me: hey you be good, i gotta go take shower n stuff text me when ur @ da club
HB1: k xoxox
Me: save the kisses for tonight in person
HB1: okie

For those who know me, u guys remember Milfy???im still seeing her on a regular basis, her husband was in eurpoe(actually was flying back that night or something) , i had promised her i’ll get us food and bring it to her place, so i had to go shower and get ready and meet Milfy…
Speaking of Milfy, its fucked up, im in love with a married woman…and we are kinda going through a rough time now, i mean no sex for 3-4 weeks i think, but we still talk and shit, i dont even know why there is a tension between us again…So tonight im going to meet her just out of friendship, cuz her and the husband are actually my friends now, so im just keeping her company for a while for the night…) brother ended up going out with another chick, cuz she was a guaranteed pussy, these 2 not cuz they were gonna be with like a group of 15-20 people, its a lil hard to separate chicks from a group that large cuz
(1) there is always some loser guys in that group who have the hardest crush on that girls, and they cant fuck her, but shes super nice to him so the guy thinks he has a chance, and tries to act like the jealous BF, but in reality he’s a noone, its none of his business who she wants to sleep with.
(2) There is always the group bitch, usually a short fat chick who cant find any guy in a club full of people to talk to her, so she gets jealous and tries to be the mother of the group
(3) there is the obligation that they all came together they all leave together
(4) some need a ride, so they have to go together… and i can go on and on ..

some notes on items 1 and 2… Dont take it personal, when shit like that happens dont, DO NOT , i repeat DO FUCKING NOT try to confront either one of them… its not about being a bad ass and fucking them up , its not about standing to the guy and saying HEY FAGGOT ITS NONE YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS… remember, they are her FRIENDS, CLASSMATES, DORMMATES… if you get into a fight with one of them YOU ARE THE OUTSIDER!!! they are ALL TOGETHER, you are an EXTRA…you guys feel me? if u fight them they’ll just stick together and she’s obligated to not fuck you or leave with you that night…
what you do have to do is AMOG the guy….like one time there was a group of 11, 6 guys 5 girls, and they were hot..all of them had expensive shit on…i sarge one of the girls and she takes me into her group, and the Asshole/Loser of the group starts to act like a tough guy, she even took me to another bar, got me a drink and told her that he liked her, but at the time she was seeing someone and now he thinks they are gonna go out(since she was single now) but she didnt like him sexually…anyway, we went back to the group after drink and a lil dance… the guy starts to act like a tough guys, and with one sentence i shut him up for the rest of the night, i had my hands in the back pocket of her, and he was talking shit,he was constantly trying to talk to me, ask me question and try to act like a jerk when I answered, so im like ” Hey bro if you have a crush or something on me come here give me a hug, fuck it i’ll give you a rub let u kiss me on the cheek or whatever bro, i hate to see you be all jealous of her like this”.. all his friends laughed and shit , and that was it…
but the point is , dont get physical, its not even about if u can fuck them up or not, its just that you’ll loose the chicks…. And if the Asshole/bitch of the group really wants to start something, you simply whisper in the girls ear and say something like ” hey sweety i dont think your friends approve me, you have my number call me when your alone” give her a peck and say goodnite to thee group and leave… TRUST ME, the girls would not think you were a bitch and pussied out, they would say damn he was so gentleman about it…)) ( im loosing track of these parentheses, its like doing math and you know the order of the parentheses? you work from inside out and shit, i have like multilayered parentheses going on i don’t know if i closed all of them or not lol so I’ll just put a couple ))))

i go to a different club cuz i had gotten a text meessage from a friend and she said they had a table at another club in boston and if i wanted to join them…i knew some of the club staff so i was like fuck it i’ll spend some time with friends before i go meet HB1 and HB2. around 11:15 i get a text from
HB1: are you here yet?we just got here
Me: i’ll be there in an hour or so
HB1: k have fun ( ray u think she was being sarcastic?? she didnt know what i was doing, is it all part of her paranoia she thinks im with another girl…hmmm..not paranoia i guess cuz i was with another girl, but u know what i mean…?)
Me: u 2 cya

so i have a couple of drinks (3 drinks and a shot) and head to the other club ( actually i ended up going there with another kid.. he was my friend and he kinda forced himself to tag along)
so we get to the club, go in, and as usual, walk the premise of the club, see who’s there who’s not, see if i recognize any friends, see how the crowd is, see if i pick up any ECs etc….

ok, i was pretty sure i spotted her ( but regardless if i was sure or not), instead of just going up to her, i put her through a mini test. i sent her a txt msg saying “hey im at da club”, and she responded ” where??”, but the test part of it was that i went to the bar( this bar was 2 steps higher than the dance floor, and im tall so she could spot me if she really looked)…i wanted to see if she would come and find me, or if she would’ve been like WHATEVER, LET HIM COME FIND ME…3-4 mins go by, i get another text from her ” where are you ?”. ok another 2-3 mins go by, i didnt see her, and apparently she couldn’t find me, ( you see, not everything I plan goes accordingly) so i went by the front door and wanted to text her that im at the front door, but i saw her there doing something with her phone ( maybe texting me??? anyway, great minds think alike lol she came to the front door too) ( by the way, she WAS the initial girl that i spotted but wasn’t sure if it was her or not)

(So im walking towards her, on the way debating how to greet her, tap her on the ass, just say HEY, tap her on the shoulder…i reach her and she sees me, so i just hug her and give her a kiss on the cheek)

Her:i was just texting you
Me: yeah i texted you back
Her: i sent 2 text messages you never responded
Me: hmmm
Her:lets go we have a table

so we go to table they reserved, she introduced me to some of her friends, it was mostly guys and one verry hot girl( it turned out the chicks were dancing at that time, so their group actually had more girls than guys(7-5)…but this verry hot girl wasnt dancing or anything, and from what i witnessed later, she was the hot bitch type of girl, daddy’s lil girl sort of bitch who always got what she wanted in life and she walked around with a stick up her ass thinking she was better than everyone else…more on that coming lol)

the group were all college student kids, all from the same college , and from bits and pieces of bullshit fluff talk, most of them seemed to be in the same major too…
so i was standing with (hmm, i dont think i have labeled her yet other than HB1, i’ll call her HBThong ( i wont get into why…)), so im standing there with HBThong
Me: so which one is your boyfriend?
Her: none of them
Me: im leaving in half hour so lets find you a nice guy quickly
Her: ( clearly dissappointed) your leaving so early?
Me: ( i wasnt, wanted to see her reaction, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, i wanted to give her a time restraint, so she wont try any shittest or try running games, i gave her a 30 min deadline that i was leaving, so now she would try to be in her best behaviour if she was really interested in me)
One important note, all of these time restraint and the reasons that I give you, I FOLLOW THOSE RULES.. I say I give her a time restraint so she wont run any shit tests ..therefore if she does run any shittests, or try to act bitching and hard to get in that 30 mins, im out the fucking door…. You wont believe how many emails I get saying well I tried this and that ( some sort of time restraint I had done in a report), and they complain that it didn’t work, it turns out for example some PU s give a 30 min time restraint to a chick like me, and the reason they do that is to avoid the chick running shit test or being bitchy ( again like me) , but then they say that the chick treated them like shit, and they stick around after the 30 min… it would mke you more like a loser, and then the chick knows she has you by the balls…

Me:yeah this whole club scene gets boring after a while, i came here just to see you
Her: well if im boring you i wont keep you then ( and went and sat down…Again ray, what do u think is up?if she just jumpy because of a previous break up? or is she just saying ” hey asshole your standing next to a hot chick, if your bored your loss get the fuck out of here?”)
Mewent sat down next to her with a smile) but you know what never gets old and keep me coming to the clubs?
Her: no?
Me: the drama you chicks create over nothing
Herlaughed)(the power of laughter, she was pissed a sec ago, now shes smiling again)

at this point, HBStickUpHerAss( the chick i was talking about) came and interrupted us and said something to her(i didnt hear what she said but it was something stupid i think, cuz HBThong pointed towards the dance floor and they were like looking for someone, so i think HBStickUpHerAss came asked where one of their friend…which is a stupid question ..your in a fucking club, go look yourself)
so i just looked at her with this puzzled look..
HBStickUpHerAss: what is it?
Me: im thinking
Me: whether or not i should wait for you to apologize for interupting us first and THEN i introduce myself, or shouldd i introduce myself first and think of you as being rude the rest of the night
HBStickUpHerAss she did this thing with her head and eyes like ” whatever asshole”)
Me: or C.. none of the above
HBThong: (laughed)she’s always like this ( at this point HBStickUpHerAss was walking away)

alot of people ask me how come i never get rejected when i tell a chick to go home with me etc, its mostly because of small innocent comments or questions that i make or ask them, and then i observer their reaction…
usually the questions or comments are so innocent that she forgets to be all defensive and shit, and she answers or reacts from the bottom of her heart… an example that i can think of, and i really hadn’t noticed it until ray mentioned it in his awesome analysis,it was in LR:HBGoddess, and at some point i tell her ” i would kiss you on the lips for that”…go read that part and ray’s analysis of it…it was an innocent comment, but her reaction gave so much info…

i do something similar here
Me: hey if you wanna just sit on the couch, we can do that at my place at least i can watch cops or southpark
herlaughed) i love southpark ( see if you can apply the above info here…
Me: yeah have you seen the new episode?
Her:no which one
Me: i dont know exactly i saw the commercial i TVoed it im gonna watch it later if you wanan bring your friends too thats cool ( trying not to put her of the defensive edge, again im just playing it cool, making her know that tonight is about southpark, not her, and to prove my point she can bring like 5 dudes with her…for the international readers, Southpark is a cartoon..)
Her: i dont know i’ll see what there plan is
Me: bullshit
Her: what?
Me: listen, out of all my friends and people i know, im here chilling with you and you only, the least you can do is be a little honest
Her: what are you talking about
Me: you dont wanna come over yourself, or else you wouldve said that your fine with coming over, but you have to ask your friends too
Her: no i want to come
Me: no your probably a family guy fan anyway, but promise me to be honest with me from now on?( and i gave her my pinkie for pinkie promise, she was laughing out loud at that)

again, here i make a point t o her that i wont take shit from her, at this point, HB2(the same chick from the mall which i’ll call her HBDT( again i wont get into it why)) came and she said hi and we all just talked…
the isolation was gone, the chicks had finished dancing, they were all near the table and all chilling, the guys were there too so i couldn’t isolate… so fuck it, i was planning my exit strategy/ and maybe find another chick for the night, so i siad im gonna go to the mens toom ( BS), as i was walking, i had to walk by HBStickUpHerAss so i told her” you must have ten thousand cyber friends on myspace, cuz your pictures only show the beautiful side of you” and was walking, she kinda went for the reach around my wrist to get me to turn around, i did, i looked at her but she didnt say anything…i relived that momement several time that night in my was so fucking wierd, its like she wanted to turn me around and start screaming, but words werent coming out of her mouth..or maybe she had nothing to say, or maybe i wasnt worth her breath? who know? ray any ideas?
anyway, i saw some friends ( they werent that good of a friend, we just knew each other by face and shit, i was just talking to them to kill time, keep myself busy, and scope out the place without looking like i was scoping out the place)…

anyway, we were there another 45-50 mins, we did some more talk, some drinking and shit, but no isolation.. the guys were actually cool…after 45-50 mins they decided that partying was over, and were talking about heading back home…i needed more time, so i told them im starving, and some chicks and dudes said they were hungry too… i told them about a place thats open late, and that we should go there…
so we’re walking towards the their cars, i was parked a lil further, i asked whos gonna ride with me, HBThong and DT said them, but i purposely asked one of the opther guys ” hey bro come ride with me i dont trust these two” , he laughed, but the important thing again was showing my ignorance towards them…

dont get me wrong, its all about taking a step back in order to be able to leap forward… in a situation like this, the car ride would’ve been 5-10 mins and we couldn’t just take off cuz they HAD to meet her friends there…. but i what i get in return for turning down this 5-10 min isolation is TRUST and COOLNESS ( meaning I didn’t really care who was riding with me, and i certainly wasn’t trying to isolate them because i asked a dude to come too), and another important reason was that i had just befriended one of the dudes… remember, they have the benefit of friendship, the dudes in their group are friends with the chicks, so its very easy for the guys in thee group to cockblock me, because they go to the same school and shit etc… as a matter of fact HBTHONG called shotgun, but i said ” my car my rules, bros before hoes get your ass in the back( and winked at her so she knows im just kidding)”, but the fact of the matter is she did have to sit in the back..
i just figured thee phrase i was looking for…KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE YOUR ENEMIES CLOSER…

so wet to the place, its packed. its like 2:30 in the morning but alot of people were there …so we go, order, and we actually go outside cuz some of them wanted to this point HBStickUpHerAss starts to talk to me, which wasn’t much of talk, it was her basically trying to AMOG/CB me..

now she’s standing like 4-5 ft away from me, so its not a private convo everyone can hear
HBStickUpHerAss: did you go to college?
HBStickUpHerAss:what major?
Me: i already have 3 job thanks for the job interview though ( some of her friends laughed)
HBStickUpHerAss: no i just want to know, what major?
HBStickUpHerAss:you? really?
Me: yeah
HBStickUpHerAss:what do you do for work
Me: your getting way ahead of yourself there missy, if you have a crush on me beat around the bush and forget about these small talks
HBStickUpHerAss:im just trying to make conversation
Me: you dont have to TRY to make conversation with me
HBStickUpHerAss: do you have a girlfriend? (Ray and others, what do you take of this? Was she saying that to CB, so if I said yeah, HBThong wont go home with me? Or did she want to know for herself???)
Me: did you hear what i just said? (referring to BEAT AROUND THE BUSH etc)( here i reminded myself not to get hostile with her, if i got hostile, she would’ve accomplished her goal..) but to answer your question YES
HBThong: you have a girlfriend?
Me: (winked at her to show her im kidding) yeah
HBStickUpHerAss:shes fine with you partying by yourself?
Me: where is this conversation gettingto? i dont know if your trying to act like my mom or trying to be my girl for the night
HBStickUpHerAssdamn respect..i thought that previous statement would knock her down for a bit, but nah, its like she didnt even hear me..but she did cuz she said… some of her guy friends were like Ohhh hlike she got dissed) so is that what you do? have girls for a night and leave them?
Me: if the chick is like you, i would leave her before i even take her home ( this got a good laugh in the crowd)
HBStickUpHerAss:why do you hate me?
Me: was i supposed to like you? ( again reminding myself to be nice to her, but I really cant just stand there take shit from a girl)
HBStickUpHerAss: forget it i was just trying to be nice
( i noticed one of her friends roll her eyes sort of thing when she said that, so i got the impression she was just BSing me, but since i didnt fall for it, now she’s just saying she was trying to be nice.)
Me: you know what, you kinda look like that chick from the Amazing Race…we should do that together
HBStickUpHerAss: oh yeah?
Me: yeah i’ll be sitting on the couch watching ESPN and hitting the gym all day and partying at nights, and you can go find the treasure or whatever it is they are looking for on the race, and then at nights you can come home give me a massage before i sleep, i swear the ratings will be off the roof
HBStickUpHerAss:why would i do that?
Me: because its like one of the chick flick drama movies sort of thing, everyday you bust your ass off looking for the treasure around the world, but you fail to realize that the treasure you needed was lying down on the couch, and you were never there to get it, and then at the end we’ll probably finish second, but you still havent realized that im the treasure. so at the end i end up dumping you for the chick that finished first in the race, and me and her will live happily cuz she probably has millions by then.
( her friends were laughing when i was mid sentence)
HBStickUpHerAss: ( just looking at me, dunno why)( like a blank stare)
Me: but hey its all good, lets hug it out ( i went and gave her a hug)( someone mentioned RollerCoaster ride of emotions reffering to one of the tactics I use in my sarges, I guess that’s the best analogy, first im dissing her, then making an ass out of her, then hugging her)

at this point i suggested we go inside and see if our food was ready, i knew the chef, he said a couple more minutes but we can pay for it now… a brief info on the food, the groups had ordered 2 pizzas and fries, i had gotten chicken, and i told HBThong and HBDT that the chicken is good, they got 1 too for both of them so they can share… so when i wanted to pay , i said i’ll pay for the chickens ( mine and the 2 chicks),..but watch what i do, instead of paying cash for it(which i wanted to do and usually do), i paid with credit card…Y?
cuz i needed a fucking pen and paper without looking too obvious, so i signed the receipt, and when i got my receipt back, i wrote my 2nd number on the back of it(i have 2 cell phones).i was planning on on giving my number to HBStickUpHerAss, but if i wrote my Name on it, maybe she wouldve shown it to HBTHONG and HBDT try to CB me, so i wrote my 2nd number, and didnt even write my name on it, so there was no way she can CB me using that piece of evidence…

so we go outside, and eat..i’ll skip some part now it was time to leave, most of the students were going back to their dorms, so were HBThong and HBDT( not dorms, they had rented a place close to school with some people), but one of their friends lived kinda far, specially from the dorm ( she was actually going to her parents house), so i told those guys they can all go back to their dorms i can give her a ride cuz her house is at least closer to my house than the dorm, so i dont mind doing it, then i told HBThong if she wants to come too make sure her friend gets home safe, i can drop them off too later. they talked amongst themselves for a bit ( THIS IS THE PART I WAS TALKING ABOUT, IF I HAD GOTTEN HOSTILE WITH ONE OF THE GUYS, OR DONE ANYTHING WRONG< THIS IS THE PART THEY CAN CB ME!!!) anyway, it ended up with me driving Lindsey , HBTHONG and HBDT home…so we started saying goodbyes and shit, i gave HBStickUpHerAss a hug and shook her hand and put the paper in her hand in a way which hopefully noone saw and said ” if you dont commit suicide tonight call that number so i wont feel guilty”

so we drove and it was ALL fluff talk from the restaurant to house, we drop her off and start driving:
Me: hey whats the deal with (HBStickUpHerAss)
HBThong:she’s such a bitch

for the next 5 mins, it was all about HBStickUpHerAss and how we was a spoiled bitch etc…they were just going on and on , i had to change the subject as soon as i could, i have an in-dash dvd player in my car, i put 50-cent video music song and told them MAN I LOVE THIS SONG and slightly turned up the volume..
i did this for several reasons:
1) change the subject
2) get their minds off HBSTickUpHerAss and therefore take their minds off their friends
3) change the mood to a party mood

couple of mins into the music..
Me: so what do you guys wanna do ? should i drop you off or do you wanna watch southpark with me?
HBThong: i dunno its late
Me: ok, what about you (HBDT)
HBDT: i dunno
Me again i use time restraint on them) well your exit is coming up, let me know if i should take the exit or not ( which was BS…)
HBThong: i dont know ( but she said this so was like she was fighting back, she really wanted to, but at the same time she just didnt wanna go home with a stranger… so she said the I DONT KNOW in a wierd/sweet way..Ray u know what i mean?)
Me: i get it, thats cool
HBThong: what do you mean?
Me: no i understand, it was hard for me too at the beginning, you know, going back to my place with 2 strange chicks.. alot of psychos out there
(both laughed)
HBDT: but you seem like a nice guy

( ok, this is a test for you guys, if you just read that last statement by HBDT and didnt think anything specific of it, well …well you gotta learn to interpret chicks better…
Ray, i need ur opinion here too…but then again, it could be all BS, and she didnt mean anything specific out of it..
anyway, the way i see it: HBDT was kinda doing her thing all nigth, i mean i got smiles and shit from her,but nothing specific, mostly my point of conversation was HBThong, and in the car too, she was sitting in the back, and most of my talk was with HBThong,
but out of nowhere here she basically comes to MY rescue and reassures her friend that im a nice guy and i can be trusted…Ray, do you think they had discussed a 3some with me??? do you think she was trying to get with me that night even if her friend didnt want to? or am i reading too much into it?

HBDT: but you seem like a nice guy
Me: no comment
HBThong: what do you mean no comment
Me: nothing, im a modest guy, what do you want me to say? that im a nice guy??
HBThong: are you a nice guy?
Me: i have my ups and downs
Hbthong: what do you mean
Me: what are you trying to get at?
HBThong:i dont know
Me: well if you dont know, now you know ( i said it with Biggie’s music tone) cuz im taking the next exit to drop u guys off ( false takeaway… i had to take the 3rd exit to go to my place, her place was even further up the highway)
HBThong: well what do you wanna do if we come e over
Me: i dont know about you guys but i’ll be laughing my ass off watching southpark, you guys can sleep on my bed i’ll crash on the couch
HBThong: (looked at HBDT to get her opinion)
they were talking low

HBDT: do you have any drinks?
Me: there should be some water bottles on the backseat
HBDT: no i mean at your place
Me: yeah my fridge is filled with water and diet pepsi ( i knew she meant alcohol, but i played dumb, cuz if i had mentioned alcohol, they might’ve got defensive.. let me know if you want to know why… or Ray explain please)
HBDT: i mean alcohol
Me: are you kididng me, i have more alcohol in my place than CVS
HBDT: CVS sells alcohol?
Me: no but there is alcohol in most of the stuff they sell, like face washes and shit
HBDT: but not alot
Me: yeah that why I said i have more alcohol than CVS, cuz i only have like 3-4 bottles of vodka and tequila
HBThong: thats all you have?
Me: dont worry i have chick drinks too

Ray ( or others) , what do you think they had discusses, cuz they were discussing something when HBThong turned around to talk to HBDT, and as a result of that convo, the first thing HBDT asked was that if i had drinks…

thats basically it for these 2, i wont get in the details of what happened at my place, no LMR or anything, i still had to work on them a lil, but the result was a 3some, not the type of threesome when you just bang 2 girls at the same time,
this was a full blown 3some with the chicks eating the other one out while getting banged etc…BTW some of the emails i get you guys ask why i dont talk about the sex part of the lay..well im only writing these reports hoping someone will learn something from it,
telling you how i fucked a girl doesnt help anyone with getting laid..its as simple as that…

so next day we get up, i take a shower, and am playing Madden08 on my PS3, HBDT wakes up first, she goes to the bathroom, asked me if i had extra toothbrush i told her i had mouthwash, then she comes sits next to me, i was wearing jeans only with no shirt, i was playing she started playing with my nipple with her finger.
Me: am i gonna get a kiss or are you telling yourself I SLEPT WITH THIS PIG LAST NIGHT?
HBDT: (laughed) and did a backslap : shut up
Me: i’ll take that as a yes
HBDT: if you want a kiss you have to at least look at me ( cuz i was playing PS3)
Me: (put the controller down)

fuck it this wasn’t the point at all, after both get up, we go eat breakfast, and i go drop them off, i tell them to call me if there is any college parties or whatever or if they just wanna hang out.
on the drive back, i look at my other phone( it was in my car in the middle compartment box all night)
Text1: hey
Text2: hey its
Text3:your not answering, thats fine  hope you have a good night
( all withing 16 mins of eachother)

oh… it was HBStickUpHerAss btw..i text her back:

Me: sorry i left my phone in the car u still alive
HBStickUpHerAss22 mins later) ya ( thats it, just a ya… she went from sending 3 texts to just a simple YA… i thought she was mad)
Me: k ( thats it, TheInformer, u see? sometime you have to STOP SAYING SHIT if you want to be heard ( sounds poetic huh?)…sometimes what you DONT say says more than what you DO say… with a simple K i was implying ” ok cool, i didnt give a fuck anyway”)

10 mins go by nothing, 20 mins nothing…1:43 hours later
HBStickUpHerAss: did you have fun last night?
Me: ( now i didnt know what to say, during this one hour she couldve went and talked to HBThong or HBDT and ask them, and i didnt know what they told her)
Me: it took u an hour to send that? i was thinking ur gonna send me a PDF file( didnt answer her question)
HBStickUpHerAss:lol ur funny and a smartass i like that
Me: i’ll take dat as a compliment
HBStickUpHerAss:lol it was a compliment
Me didnt reply)
HBStickUpHerAss: what r u doing?
Me: watching NFL
HBStickUpHerAss: by yourself?
Me: with some friends, ur invited if u want to come
HBStickUpHerAss: im still tired from last night
Me: yeah you did alot of nothing u should be exhausted
HBStickUpHerAss:there was nothing to do
Me: if u lighten up a lil that’ll help..i talked to you for 10 mins i didnt know if ur preparing me 4 a rough sex session or you really wanted to beat me up
HBStickUpHerAss:lmao hahaha that was funny
Me: im serious, i was gonna go to the ladies bathroom get u a tampon
Me: all things considered ur an alright girl
HBStickUpHerAss: im just alright?
Me:amongst other things
HBStickUpHerAss:like wut
Me: oh no, im not gonna flatter you via text message, take me to movies i’ll tell you all about it
HBStickUpHerAss silence for 5-6 mins… now rememeber, im very suspicious, cuz as far as i know, HBThong and HBDT could be sitting next to her)
Me: well if it takes you 10 mins just to text WHEN, i dont know how long it would take you to drive to the cinema
HBStickUpHerAss:sorry i was on the phone
Me: what r u doing later on?
Me: nothing, i thought u were gona take me 2 movies l8r but u just said ur not doing it
HBStickUpHerAss:no i didnt
Me: wut? ( cuz i didnt know what she meant..NO SHE DIDNT say she was gonna take me to movies or NO SHE DIDNT SAY shes NOT gonna take me to movies..confusing)
HBStickUpHerAss: im lost
Me: lets starts over, hey whats up its would u like to take me to movies tonight?
HBStickUpHerAss:lol how about you take me to movies
Me: same thing, tomato tomaatto
Me: i pick the theater, you pick the movie and showtime
Me: ( the name of the theater and the city)
HBStickUpHerAss: you gonna come pick me up?
Me: you dont have a car?
HBStickUpHerAss: yes i do, but can you come pick me up? ( again, im suspicious of her, cuz still in the back of my mind im thinking she’s trying to lure me in and confront me with their fiends, not that i give a fuck, but still)
Me: ummm…my car… SICK! ( and i made that smily face with the toungue sticking out)
HBStickUpHerAss: whats ur address? (again, im still suspicious, thinking she wants my address so she can go tell those 2 that i invited her over and heres proof…)
Me: im actually in boston now i’ll come to thater straight from here meet me there?( which was a lie, I wasn’t in boston)
HBStickUpHerAssk let me check what time

anyway, she picks a movie and the time, i actually borrowed my brothers car so just in case she had came with HBThong or HBDT, they cant recognize my car, and i waited in the car in front of the theater, i get a text
HBStickUpHerAss:i just parked where are you
Me: go inside i’ll be there in a couple of mins ( so i can see her go in and see if she’s alone)
she goes in, nothing, no one followed her, i go park, ( i saw her approach from a parking lane, so i thought she had parked there, i kinda looked in the cars to see if anyone is in the cars or not, but nothing..)

we go in, i bought the ticket we go sit down, the theater wasnt packed at all, we go get middle seats top row

Me: wow you were like a total bitch last night by the way, your either that chicks twin sister or her second personality cuz you kinda seem sweet now
HBStickUpHerAss:im always a bitch ( with a smile)
( oh as far as face goes, she was like 9.87243… her body was nice too, could’ve used a lil more curve on the ass, but hey that’s just me I like a lil meat on the ass…

Me: theres a good bitch and a bad bitch, right now your the good type, last night you were borderline C word
HBStickUpHerAssyou shouldve seen her face) i cant believe you just called me a cunt to my face
Me: whoaa..first of all i cant belive those are real(pointing to her tits) ( she had amazing tits, and looked real too)
HBStickUpHerAsslaughed) and put her hands over them: dont look

at this point they dimmed lights meaning SHUT UP, so we kinda had to whisper from now on… it was all lil sexual comments or SOIs
like one example was :

Me: (whispering in her ear) hey im not tired or a teenager or anything so im not gonna yawn or anything i’ll just go ahead put my arms around you ( and put my hands)
usually the first 5-10 seconds you can tell if it worked,she kinda moved a little but in a good, she moved so she can position her neck on my bicep which is HUGEEE ( not my biceps.. well those are huge too but her movement was huge, cuz it meant she was comfortable, and felt comfortable/safe with me), doesnt get any more intimate than that in public..

anothwer one:
Me: hey we look so lovely and cute right now that if you cry at the end of the movie i might just get caught up in the moment and kiss you
(she kinda tilted her head towards me and just gave me a look, i couldnt make much of it.. Ray i know its hard for you say cuz its pretty vague, but any ideas?)

after the movies, i walk her to her car, i lean against her door, ohhh.. while we were walking side by side, my hand touched hers, so i kinda moved my hands closer, and i guess so did she cuz our pinkines were touching, then i basically wrapped her pinkie around my pinkie while we were walking… some romantic shit…
so anyway, i leaning against the door and grab both her hands with my hand and we were talking, a lil about the movie…
Me: so whats your plan ?
Her: nothing yet, what about you?
Me: one thing i know for sure, im gonna go home and shut off my phone and just relax
Her: that sounds so good, im exhausted too
Me: if your dorm is busy and you need to get away from that whole scenario you always have my place to crash, even if im not home i’ll tell you where i hide the key
Her: ( you know what, forget the ass, tits, flat stomach and all that shit… nothing is better than watching a gorgeous girl with a beautiful smile, white teeth, blue eyes…i can still remember that image vivdly, when she smiled at me, her tan skin, bright white teeth)you really mean that?
Me: you have my number give it a shot
Her: ( she was just nodding her head, sort of like she wasnt even paying attention to what i was saying, cuz she was looking at me and sort of nodding even when i was done talking, sort of like she was judging me)
Me: what?
Her: nothing
Me: i fucking hate when chicks say that cuz they really wanna say whatever it is, but they just want to be asked twice i guess
Her: (laughed) no i was just wondering
Me: you didnt blush so i know you didnt get too far in your dreamland
Her: ( she did get the joke, belive me some chicks dont get these sort of lines..anyway she kinda punched me in my chest jokingly )
Me: so what were you wondering
Her: how wrong i was about you
Me: ditto that, not to bring up the C word again but you know how i felt about you
Her: (smiling)
Me: so do we wait for the music to start playing and then make out or wait for it to start pouring out of nowhere and make out in the rain
Her: (laughing)your bad
Me: tell me about it
( and then there was a silence, maybe 10 seconds, very awkward)
Me: whats the problem, you need red bull to keep talking to me
Her: (laughed) no i dont know what to say
Me: well i know what i can say that you cant say no( read that twice)
Her: what?
Me: nah forget it
Her: no tell me
Me: no forget it, its too good to be true anyway so you wont believe it
(she basically pinched my nipple hard cuz she wanted me to tell her)
Me: (after she let go) first of all i loved that, second of all im turned on now
Her: (laughed) you gonna tell me or what?
Me: ok, ready? (again, im doing all of this to buy time…sort of like what I did for HBThong and HBDT when I first opened them)
Her: YES( she basically yelled/screamed that out of frustration)
Me: damn, these people here are used to hearing chicks yell NO while getting raped in the parking lot, now they hear a chick screaming YES so they automatically know its gotta be me again, watch i’ll have cops waiting at my house for me
Her: ( she was laughing good for this one…)
Me: Ok, where was i
Her: you were gonna tell me something
Me: yeah, the offer
Her: yes
Me: ok, we go get takeout chineese, go to my place or yours, i give you a deep tissue massage but only if you keep your clothes on, i dont want it to be sexual in anyway. no go ahead, i dare you to say no
( just a quick note on that.. and again, if you read that statement without realizing anything significant in it, then thats what your missing in your game… and its only 2 words, but those 2 words make the whole difference… i said we get food go to ” my place OR YOURS”…
by throwing in that OR YOURS, she will feel safer, cuz she knows im not just trying to take her to my crib, cuz im offering to do the same at the comfort of her own house too..Ray maybe can explain more on this)

Her she was silent for a bit, hear head was tilted down and she kinda had to look up to me with her head tilted down) it does sound tempting i gotta give you that
Me: BUT.. i know, i know that infamous BUT which means anything you said before it was bullshit
Her: (silent)
Me: or whats the deal? maybe you couldnt find any BUTs in it
Her: ( laughed) where do you live ( ding… this is the first step… a girls goes through stages in her brain to come to your house, it always starts with this question… its like one of those puzzle games, there is like 5-6 stages in a row, but if you like fail at stage 4, you cant just restart at stage 4 again, you have to go all the way back to stage one… so that’s how it is with chicks)
Me: 10 mins from here
Her: who do you live with?
Me: me and my 3rd personality, my second personality has his own place
(man she got a good laugh out of this one)
Her: your a funny guy, it doesnt show just by looking at you
Me: theres alot you cant see when im fully dressed ( taking her words, changing it slightly to make it sexual and to my advantage)
Her: (laughed)
Me: ok listen, i’l make a deal with you ( again, using restraint on her), im gonna call and order the food, you drive in your car and follow me, and you have time to think about it in your car, i dont want you to be presseured or anything, if you change your mmind you can either take off from the road, or come pick up your food and leave
Her: ok i’ll follow you

so i asked what she wanted, we went, had to wait 5 mins to get the food, i gamed her some more, anyway, she did come back to my place, again im not gonna get in details of what i did at my place, if you guys want details go read some of my other reports about what i do at house…
cuz i think the hardest part is just getting them home…

anyway,took her to my bed to give her a massage, she was basically moaning when i was massaging her, anyway, we do start making out and shit, she took everything off except her panties, she made out with me, let me kiss and lick her whole upper body, but she wouldnt remove her panties, and i didn’t insist cuz I was worn out by the night( actually morning) before,
i thought maybe later she’ll do it, she gave me head, i told her im gonna get a condom, she said lets do the sex some other time, anyway, she just blew me that night no sex…my question, RAY( or others), what do you think??
why wouldnt she not have sex? i dont think she was on her period cuz in the chineese place she said something i told her whats the matter you PMS? and she was like NO THANK GOD ( maybe she was being defensive?)…
maybe she didnt wanna have sex first night? cuz we fucked the Thursday that week, she did want the lights dimmed alot, maybe she was hiding a scar? any ideas?

anyway, as usual comments/questions welcomed. you can email me here or my email on my profile.

(R.I.P. E Love Ya Bro, Always Have Always Will)


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Jul 4, 2009 19:09

Please continue posting.

Topic ideas:
–comment on development of your ancillary skills
–update us on new encounters: a2daMir was also such a bad ass because he kept stringing you on with reports
–report new development: places like the website you will continue to discover, and can share with us
–continue the body language videos
–love. talk about it. write about it. incorporate sneak peeks to that lair talk you gave.
–comment on finding out the kind of girls you like it and helping be socially selective appropriately.

Of course, I don’t think a decrease in posting frequency is unwise. We all got the same 24 hours, and the blog has probably reached a point of diminishing returns for you, so it may not be wise to spend as much time on it.

Nevertheless, I’d argue at least marginal focus is warranted:
–cult of personality: part of good PUA guru-ry is getting a few (good) people to fiercely argue for your skills. see my comment about a2daMir. keep it up. stay in the loop. and, consequently, you’ll stay in the business.
–straight marketing: yes, quality over content anytime. however, stay personal with your audience base and continue to bring in new readers by posting more new, good content. see the topic ideas above.
–helps your game. writing about and being able to teach new developments, new insights, new ways of conceptualizing old ideas and the like will improve your game with girls — not to mention your writing and articulation. this, at least to some extent, improves the quality of your products.

i get the decisions if you decide not to, nevertheless. enjoi. and thanks.

billy bob
Nov 8, 2009 23:03

More A2daMir LRs please

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