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30DC: Slow Start

Kicked off the 30 Day Challenge (30DC) on Friday and I’ve coincidentally hit a bit of a cold spell. I’ve opened 6-7 sets in the last three days, and although all but one have hooked, I haven’t closed any of them. Going 0-for-7 is a VERY bad ratio for me. I’m accustomed to at least # closing 40-50% of my sets. But shit happens:

Friday: I made a dumb mistake. I ended up sarging an HB9 with a BF for pretty much the whole night. She was giving me big IOI’s and heavy kino, but when she rejected my kiss close, I found out why — she’s been with the guy for two years and counting. It was stupid of me to wait two hours to find out. It’s an important question I should have gotten out of the way early so I could have moved on to another set.

Saturday: MIT party where there were few cute girls and the one’s I talked to were low-energy and/or awkward. A girl tried to blow me out after I opened her, and I ended up lecturing her about her lack of social amenities. She looked horrified and was probably really young and new to parties. As I told Doc Holiday, “If you blow me out, prepare to be blown out harder.”

Sunday: We went shopping all day, and I got so excited about the clothes and trying on outfits (yes, I’m so gay), that sarging didn’t even cross my mind. With Monday being a holiday, we needed to do night game, but Big and I were beat and just wanted to go to bed. Luckily, Awesome cajoled us into going out and he was on fire, in one of the best states I’ve ever seen him in. I was low energy but Awesome and I opened up a two-set that hooked very well. But then the guys they were with came back and lingered around and it became kind of awkward, so we ejected.

If this makes any sense, I have to say I’m proud that I’m not disappointed. Everyone hits cold spells — weeks where it seems like nothing clicks. It’s the nature of the game, sometimes you’ll hit three home runs in one night, and some times you’ll go five nights without a base hit; it happens. I’m proud though that this is not bothering me. Even as recent as six months ago, when these bad streaks would happen I would get upset and complain, rationalize, or feel insecure. But this weekend I’ve been very calm and secure in knowing that the pussy avalanche is just beyond the horizon, waiting to spill over when I least expect it.

Upcoming plans:

Today (Monday): Day game on Newbury w/ Persian and Big
Tuesday: Solo day game while I work, possibly night game.
Wednesday: Same as Tuesday.

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