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30DC: Picking up Steam

Things have been picking up a bit in the 30 day challenge. It’s been kind of tough to force myself to sarge every day. If I didn’t live in a project, I don’t think I’d be able to do it. But having all four of us together forcing each other to go out and sarge every day has kept us all going. With that in mind, things are slowly getting easier.

Monday (Day 4): A slow day. Five of us went to the mall to do day game. The funny thing is, despite being in PUA for a year and a half, and getting laid left and right for the last year, I’ve never actually gone out and done straight day-game. It was nice to see some of these guys who do it often just go and do it. It’s hard to explain, but it’s always 10x easier once you see somebody else do this stuff in front of you. As the day got on and it became my turn towards the end, the place had largely cleared out. There was one set in the bookstore, but I chickened out of it. I ended up jokingly opening an UG4 on the street just to prove the point that just because you open a set, doesn’t mean you’re improving or pushing yourself. Regardless, I didn’t feel like the day was a failure.

Tuesday (Day 5): Intended to do solo day-game during work, but was slammed and didn’t have any time, so me, Awesome and Big went out to do night-game. I was on. It was a classic Entropy night. There were three promo girls there for Miller Chill, two HB7’s and an HB8. They came over and gave us free samples. I immediately started flirting hardcore with one of the girls. This has just become automatic for me at night. I was busting on her, kino’ing her, and making her laugh within two minutes. She had to move on but came back a couple minutes later. I flirted some more and then she said she’d be right back. She came back with a whole beer and just gave it to me. I said, “What’d I do to deserve this?” She said, “You’re too charming, I had to give it to you.” She gave me the eyes — she wanted it. I intended to get back to her later, but she ended up leaving early with the other promo girls.

A little later, I opened a two set, HB7 and HB8 with an opinion opener. Set blew wide open and within 2 minutes had both girls fighting for my attention. Suddenly, two more girls show up and I’m suddenly in a four set. I quickly force introductions and just up my energy-level even higher. I felt like I dominated this set. I have sets where it’s like Michael Jordan, I feel like I can just do anything, the girls are at my mercy. This was one of those. Awesome and Big came in to wing me and help me isolate the HB8, but I still had to take them 2v1. Eventually Awesome and Big ejected and I was still stuck in a multi-set. I realized after another five minutes or so that I wasn’t that into either girl, and it’d take a lot of work to isolate one from the other. So I said fuck it and ejected.

Suddenly, just as we were about to bounce, I ran into an old FB of mine. I hadn’t seen her (read: fucked her) since early in the summer and she greeted me with my favorite drink. As she handed it to me and hugged me, the message was clear. Big and Awesome wanted me to bounce with them, but who am I do deny this girl my cock? So Awesome and Big bounced and I worked the FB over verbally, emotionally and later physically. She bought me three more drinks throughout the night and I ended up getting tanked and fucking her silly.

I feel like these two days really represent a transformation in my mindset recently. I’ve moved away from a results-oriented mentality and am satisfied now on my performance. I didn’t score a new girl this night, but I DOMINATED every set I was in. I had HB7’s and HB8’s eating out of my hands and ran a four-set solo for a good 10 minutes. Number closes and make outs were definitely options, but in the end, HB7’s and HB8’s don’t do much for me. Especially when my HB8.5 FB is buying me drinks. Anyways, moving on…

Wednesday (Day 6): Did my first official day-game approach in a Starbucks. HB9 sitting and studying. I went direct on her and it was very nervous and awkward for both of us. She was kind of reluctant to let me sit down and talk to her. I gave false time-constraint and started fluffing and she relaxed a lot. After a few minutes I brought out going out and she got very nervous again. When I tried to number close, she mentioned the boyfriend and it seemed very genuine. All in all, it was nice to get my first day-game approach out of the way. I haven’t felt AA like that in over a year, and I haven’t felt so self-conscious and nervous like that in over a year. In night game, if a girl laughs nervously and is a bit insecure, my frame is like a rock. But here, I wasn’t confident and could feel my frame caving under insecurity. But either way, it’ll just get easier from here on out. I imagine my day game with improve by leaps and bounds considering my night game is so tight.

Upcoming plans:

Thursday (Day 7): Day game, solo during work and/or supermarket after work. Seeing HB10 FB at night.
Friday (Day 8): Night game.
Saturday (Day 9): Night game.

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