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30DC: Circumstance and Complacency

An underestimated aspect of PU is circumstance. When guys first get into this stuff they think that getting a girl into bed is 100% on their shoulders to make happen. Instead of hoping to “get lucky” they begin to discount it wholeheartedly. This is why LR’s pop up all over the place where a guy fucked a girl in 30 minutes and everyone questions how he’s suddenly a “master” or not. He’s not a master. He met the right girl on the right night and was good enough to not fuck anything up. Girls often go out consciously thinking, “I really need to get laid this weekend.” BE THAT GUY! You don’t have to be a mPUA, sometimes you just have to be there and not look like an ass.

Luck still plays a major role in the life of the PUA, and at times can be the determining factor for a short period of time. The last few days of the 30DC have been widely resultant of circumstance.

Thursday (Day 7): I opened two sets solo during day game. Both were “soft opens,” ie., situationally relevant and just kind of making small talk. One was a real cute girl in an elevator. She hooked and laughed, but as soon as we hit the bottom she walked in the other direction. The other was an older woman outside who from behind looked much more attractive. I just fluffed with her for about five minutes.

I came home exhausted and rejected going out in favor of just meeting my HB10 FB who I had made plans with. Well, amazingly, for the first time in probably 8-9 months, I had an FB flake on me. Awesome and Fish prodded me to go out, but I passed out at like 9:30 bitter and slightly dejected.

Friday (Day 8): More night game, so no pressure on the weekends. Night game comes as easily as walking a dog in the park now. As soon as we get to the venue, we spot a girl who I SNL’d about a year ago and hadn’t talked to since. She was looking HOT (our whole crew gave her solid 9.5-10 ratings), much hotter than I remember her honestly. I decided I had to reopen her and see if she remembered me. Of course, she did and I ended up spending a lot of the night with her. Unfortunately, her friend was disengaged (didn’t have time to find wings and bring them into set), and she pulled my target out. She was all over me though, texting me throughout the night and wanting to see me again.

With that taken care of, it was time to open some new sets. Literally, less than a minute later, I run into ANOTHER girl I fucked last year. This one I went out with 3-4 times but she just quit calling me back. It was an awkward encounter, but I spent the latter half of the night talking to her. She told me as I left, “if you ever want to hang out again, call me, I’m down any time.”

So not only was my entire night dedicated to reengaging these girls I closed a year ago, but between the two of them, they bought me four drinks (or as my drunk ass told Awesome, “I’m four drunks ahead of joo.”). The guys had decided to do Jager-Bombs earlier in the night, and throw in the pre-gaming and I was a good 10 drinks deep. I was PLASTERED. I barely made it home, where Big and Awesome laughed at me mercilessly. I called FB10, and tried to go over there, but she blew me off AGAIN. Made plans with her for Sunday night.

Saturday (Day 9): More night game. It’s amazing how vastly more comfortable I am in night game than in day game. I can barely muster the courage to approach in the day, and at night I go through sets without even noticing them. Big, Cross and I went out to Lir. Upon arrival, I see a girl I’ve sarged before and somewhat befriended near the door. I kind of know her friend. She takes me downstairs where I meet their entire crew of like six girls. I’ve met some of them before but none of them are really that cute so after a pleasant 15 minutes or so, I eject.

I find the guys upstairs and Cross throws Big into a two-set standing behind us. He opens, stalls, plows, comes out on top and then introduces us into the set. I’m kind of paired up with this asian girl with a lot of makeup — at least she’s laughing at my jokes more, so I guess I’ll go with her. Things are going well with her, and then she stands up. WOW! What a nice ass and legs. The man committee couldn’t find a consensus on her rating (everywhere from a 7 to a 10 between the three of us) but I considered her a solid 9 after get a nice gander at that body.

Anyway, she was actually kind of boring. The ADD-type of club girl who needs to be stimulated every 5 seconds or else she is texting someone on her phone. I upped my energy level and busted on her mercilessly. It was working. These two girls had what seemed like five guy friends who kept coming over and trying to cockblock, but the girls wanted us there, so their guy friends would eventually walk off.

The only notable thing about this set is the # close, which I’m very proud of. She had her phone out as usual, just fucking around with it, and I called her out on it, how she’s had it out almost the whole time since meeting me and I thought it was rude. She apologized and started to put it away. Then I said, “Well, if you’re going to keep your phone out in front of me, at least be putting my number into it.” She laughed and just looked at me and goes, “Wow… that was really good.” She opened it and asked for my number, and I said, “No, give me that.” I took the phone and said, “You don’t remember my name, do you?” She says no predictably. I tell her that until she figures out my name, I’ll put a placeholder in her phone. I punch in my number, call myself, then save the number as “Sex God.” I hand it back to her and it takes her about 10 seconds to process what I just did. “Wait, what’d you just save it as? Oh no…” She opens up her phones and looks and starts laughing. “Wow… that’s good. I wish I could be mad, but that’s just good. I might actually pick up when you call me for that one.” Later she tried to shit-test me about it, and I quickly corrected her telling her she liked it. The girl was intimidating in that she’s a high-value girl and expects a lot from guys, but personality-wise she was very straightforward and kind of dull. Either way, I haven’t fucked an Asian girl in over a year, so this will be a nice adventure. She kissed my cheek and grabbed my ass when I said goodbye, but knowing the type of girl she is, she’s probably a flake.

Sunday (Day 10): Woke up at my favorite FB’s place. We had amazing sex the night before — probably the best I’ve had in six months. We were doing the whole pillow talk thing and the talk of threesomes came up. Now, she’s bi and this topic has come up before. In fact, this topic has come up a lot with girls over the years but they’re almost never serious about it. This FB had talked about it in the past, but it had always just been just that, talk. Well, Sunday morning she was talking about it and she was getting noticeably horny. So I started doing dirty talk to her incorporating the threesome fantasy — saying stuff like, “Wouldn’t you love me eating you out while you watch me fuck her?” She was getting really turned on. Now, she has a friend who is bi and they’ve always kind have had a crush on each other and talked about doing a threesome. I finally made some headway into getting my FB to verbally agree to get the ball rolling on this. No more talk, let’s get the three of us out together with the same intention, put a few drinks in us, and hope for the best. I’m trying not to get my hopes up too high, but I believe this is becoming very, very likely. Guys who have sarged with me know that I’ve been trying to get a threesome for almost a year now and have come REALLY close twice. It’s my biggest goal in PU right now.

We did day-game but I was exhausted and complacent. I fucked FBFavorite in the morning and was meeting up with FB10 that night, so the idea of walking around the Pru and telling random girls they were cute just sounded pedantic. I didn’t open any sets.

To add the final circumstance, the Cougar from Miami called me and was sweating me big time to come down. We texted most of the afternoon as well. My goal with her is to just keep the fire going in her until I can take a winter trip down there, and so far — with days and calls like this — it has been going great.

There’s a weird paradox that I’ve talked about before and presented itself in the last few days of the challenge. I only interacted with like seven girls in the last four days, of which, I’ve slept with five of them. My roommates are always giving me hell about always being complacent from having so much sex and not wanting to go out and sarge more. Part of that is true, as I could definitely improve in day game. But I think something they don’t realize is that when you’re juggling all of these girls and relationships, a lot of effort AND skill is devoted to sexual maintenance. When I keep a SNL from Miami still interested in me over the phone, or make a SNL from a year ago want to fuck me again after five minutes, I’m still gaming them, even though it’s not a cold approach. The game doesn’t stop just because you’ve met the girl before. I can see how when you don’t have this large base of pussy on which to live, the cold approach takes so much more precedence — it did for me about a year ago. But as time goes on, and the more amazing and beautiful girls I’m with, I find it harder and harder to invest as much time or effort in cold approaches. Call it complacency or circumstance — it’s probably a little bit of both — but it’s been the defining theme for the last 4-6 months for me, and these last few days embody it perfectly.

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Mar 10, 2009 17:07

I wish I could see your journey a year or 2 ago before you wrote this. I would love to learn about your journey to getting at a good level and the steps you took, how you fixed your sticking points, what you found as your strengths and weaknesses and so on.

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