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News - Sep 29, 2010 5:34 - 8 Comments

New Site, Blog Moved

A couple big changes being launched today. The obvious one being that the blog is now located at www.practicalpickup.com.

You’ll notice a lot of major changes with the new site. Here’s a rundown of them:

1. I’m disassociating with the terms “Pick Up Artist,” “PUA” and the name “Entropy.” For any of you who have followed the blog the last year, you’ll know that it just doesn’t make sense for me anymore. I am continuing to write dating advice, develop products, coach and give seminars. But I don’t subscribe to that moniker or the community. There’s just too much that’s unhealthy about it that I don’t want to be associated with anymore. For more information, you can check out the article My Life as a Pick up Artist on the new site. It’s not that I “hate” the community or that it’s wrong or anything. I’ve just moved on.

2. You’ll notice some “newbie” type posts on the new site. For those familiar with PUA, a lot of these posts will seem remedial (i.e., How to Start a Conversation). The new site and brand is directed towards a much more mainstream audience. So if you think it’s too simple, then just don’t read it. There’s still plenty of in-depth articles being written and posted.

3. Of the 400 or so posts on EntropyPUA, only about 75 made the cut. Many of them were expanded, consolidated and revised and are in new forms on the new site. If you’ve enjoyed the direction this blog has taken in the last 6-8 months, then you’ll like all of the new content coming a lot.

4. There are about 25 new articles, half of which are some of the “newbie” posts listed above. Regular updates will return 2-3 times a week. Articles on the new site will be more content-based, more in-depth and more widely applicable. Most references to my daily life or personal life will probably stop.

5. You may see some broken links to new articles here and there. Those are articles that are scheduled to be posted in the next week or two but haven’t been finished yet.

6. Most of the comments from this site were carried over and consolidated, so you may see some posts where there are comments from 2008 even though the post is listed as recent.

7. As always, I’ll be active in the comments and I’ll be adding some forums in the near future. I’ll be going by my real name from now on.

8. I now have a few coaches who are working for me. They are not full-time coaches, but guys I’ve worked with before many times and at this point have a decent amount of experience that I trust them to do an excellent job.

9. EntropyPUA.com has already been gutted for all its best content posts. The 150 best posts from the last three years or are either on the new site, part of products or bonuses to products. This site will no longer be updated. The front domain page will be remade listing my websites in general. As far as I’m considered, “Entropy” and “EntropyPUA.com” are more or less dead.

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PUA Skills - Sep 10, 2010 14:40 - 18 Comments

Pick Up is NOT a Skill

Here’s one of the biggest myths that’s been circulating for years: that picking up women is a skill and that it can be learned through studying it.

It took me years to figure this out, but that’s not true.

Think about it. The analogies that are usually used is that picking up women is like playing piano or learning a language. If you study it enough, you’ll eventually be able to do it.

But really what is the “skill” involved in meeting and dating a lot of women?

Speaking? Moving your feet? Having sexual feelings and emotions?

These are all things that you’ve had and been able to do your whole life.


This is one of the most important and profound realizations that I’ve ever had in all of my years of coaching: pick up is not a skill that is learned… it’s a habit that is practiced.

You already know how to speak to a girl, you just haven’t created a habit of it. You already know how to be sexual, you just haven’t made a habit of it.

Seduction is less like learning to play piano (takes years of study and work), and more like training yourself to write with your left-hand if you were born right-handed. You “know” how to do it already, it’s just that you’ve never done it before, so you’re fighting through a lifetime of bad habits.

I have more thoughts about this than I can fit into this email, so I sat down and wrote a full 30-page PDF report on this realization and how it’s effected my ability with women. You can download it for free at this link (no email required):


Let me know what you think.

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Other, PUA Theory - May 23, 2010 10:50 - 8 Comments

Styles and Locality

Here’s just some random food for thought on a lazy Sunday.

At this point, after spending a significant amount of time in all of the major cities in the western world, and meeting a significant amount of the coaches from around the industry, something occurred to me. This occurred to me after going out in London — I was taken aback by their seeming worship of “posh” and how the pretension in their clubs revolving around status is probably only rivaled by LA.

And here’s what I noticed: look at all the guys who are insanely good from London (AFC Adam, Beckster, Extraction Tim) and all of them were/are top promoters, are socially networked out the ass, and play the social status card hard for big success.

By the same token, all of the great guys from New York City (Brad P, 60 Years of Challenge, Rob Judge) have styles that involves escalating extremely hard and fast. Brad P has his “blow me or blow me out,” as well as 20 minute bathroom pulls, 60 with his “escalation is attraction” and Rob Judge mauls girls with a startling amount success.

All of the “routine” methods of pick up (Love Systems, Mystery, Style, Mehow) all come from southern California. Much of the inner game only/authenticity styles of game (AMP, Sean Messenger, Pickup101) come out of San Francisco. Guys in Vegas — Nick Quick, Epik, Start Being — all shit on ideas of comfort game or inner game and focus on pumping the girl’s buying temperature — to which I say, well, no shit, you’re in Vegas. The coaches from Dallas a few years ago (Sinn, El Topo, Captain Jack) all focused on sexual framing and qualification.

I could go on and on… Even Vin DiCarlo and I (both from Boston) have a similar analytical style in which we calibrate our game around connecting with each woman’s specific personality. This also struck me, as being back in Boston… it just feels easy again. Like I’m unconsciously wired to pick up women in Boston and so I have to try 50% as hard here as other places.

There may be something to it. There may not. But food for thought.

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